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Everybody loves a well-organized home with all the necessary storage bins to put everything in place. When it comes to organizing things in the kitchen, nothing beats having one of the best cabinets in the world with Cabinets Direct. People from this prestigious company understands that the kitchen is one of the most important part of the house, and that it needs all the necessary cabinets it needs to store all kitchen tools and utensils to keep them all intact until the time it would be needed to use. But not only do they provide the best looking cabinets in the world, they also are the best in bringing top quality items of this kind.

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There are a lot of different cabinet manufacturers in the world today that offers high quality cabinets for the kitchen as well as providing the most affordable prices. And a lot of these cabinet manufacturers produce top of the line kitchen cabinets that would suit every buyer’s needs as well as their very own taste in style. People who spend much of their time in the kitchen cooking needs to have a set of cabinet that would store all their cooking tools when not in use. Here is a quick info check about Cabinets Direct a story about the best kitchen cabinet maker in the world.

Company History

Moe Zimmerman, the founder of the company, started doing business by just going to various apartment complexes in New York’s lower east side doing buy and sell of various maintenance supplies. From then on it progressed from merely selling maintenance supplies to ice boxes, to various home appliances and then later on made some company splits to further focus on specific stuff which came down to the production of the Direct kitchen cabinets. And for more than 75 years, this awesome kitchen cabinet company has dedicated itself to the production of this high quality kitchen furniture as well as providing a very good customer service that every person deserves.

Here is a rundown of the amazing selection the company offers to its consumers:

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Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen Cabinets Direct come in different shape, sizes and style that would be perfect for everyone who wants to add a sense of style as well as functionality in their kitchen. This is part of the reason why Cabinets Direct offers its customers the chance to figure out what kind of cabinets that would want to have for their very own kitchen with the free kitchen design option when checking them through the online Cabinets Direct website. And speaking of cabinets, here are the types kitchen cabinets people can have on their own place.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets, also known as floor cabinets, as the name implies, are the kinds of cabinets that can be found on the kitchen floor. Base cabinets are usually built around the plumbing structure in the kitchen, obscuring them from anyone’s sight since they can be an unpleasant thing to see. This kind of kitchen cabinet in particular is ideal for the storage of various cooking tools such as pots and pans, as well as storing one’s supplies of kitchen cleaning equipments and solutions. Another good addition to a base cabinet is a special drawer designed specifically to store unused kitchen utensils such as spoons, forks, knives and glasses. This is usually placed near the kitchen sink for faster storage of such utensils after washing. The base cabinet’s top is also a good area to place various kitchen appliances such as the microwave, blender, oven toaster and juicer. Speaking of appliances, there are also a couple of appliances that can be incorporated with the base cabinet such as large roaster, oven, stove and deep fryer.

Wall Cabinet

Another type of cabinet that the company can install for everyone’s home is called the wall cabinet. This type of cabinet is mounted on the kitchen wall, hence the name. Wall cabinets usually have shelves that could store various types of things. This type of cabinet in particular is a very significant type as it can save people space when it comes to storage of various kitchen essentials such as bowls and dishes. Wall cabinets can also be a good place to store groceries to keep them out of children’s as well as pet animal’s reach. Wall cabinets can also be incorporated with the kitchen chimney to add style as well as to provide cover. Whatever kind of cabinet that people will choose to have for their home, they can surely count on the quality and design that this company in particular produces.

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Custom Fitted Cabinets

Upon visiting one of their showrooms after checking out their online website and scheduling an appointment for a home estimate and measurement, a person will find that there are over a thousand different cabinet designs and options that he or she can choose for his or her own kitchen. Choosing from their 12 different lines of kitchen cabinets, they can be made to specifically fit the house where it will be placed. Furthermore, aside from the 12 different main designs that they can choose, they can also choose to have their very own design that would also be customized to fit the kitchen, no matter how big or small the place may be.

Things to Consider Before Choosing What Cabinets to Get

Having the perfect cabinets to be placed on the kitchen comes with considering a couple of things to make sure that one ends with the right ones. With that in mind, here are a couple of things that everyone must keep in mind when deciding on kitchen cabinets.

  • Size -This pertains to both the size of the cabinets that one would want or need for their kitchen as well as the size of the place these cabinets in particular will be placed. It would not be ideal for someone to have a large sized set of cabinets for a small house or apartment building as it would only cram up space and would defy the purpose of having them. However, it is to be noted that the company provides a home inspection for them to be able to measure the size of cabinets to be placed in the home.
  • Color and Design -When deciding to have a specific cabinet to be placed in the home, a person must also consider the color and design that would be incorporated to this furniture. The cabinets should not be in contrast with the rest of the house’s colors. Modern houses also would look good when cabinets with modern design are in place. The same thing goes for classic houses to have classically designed kitchen cabinets placed in them.
  • Storage – A person should also need to determine the things that he or she would be putting on these cabinets once they are done. After all, this is the main reason why cabinets are manufactured in the first place. Whatever kind of cabinet one may decide to have for their home, they should be able to hold the kinds of things that a particular person has in their possession.

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Final Tips

Like all things in general, kitchen cabinets, especially ones made by reputable companies like Cabinets Direct, should also be kept clean at all times to prolong paint and stability. Cleaning these cabinets with a towel soaked in water is oftentimes enough to clean them. People should also avoid using strong detergents on these cabinets as they can, in many ways, deteriorate sturdiness and quality.