Bamboo Cabinets – One of the Toughest Choices in the Market for Your Home

There can actually be a lot of materials that can be used to make cabinets to be used in the home or at the workplace. However, most people would prefer to have a cabinet that is made from lightweight but durable materials. Others would also want to have cabinets that are made from common materials that are eco-friendly, especially those people who truly care for the environment and would want to support the crusade for saving mother earth. With this in mind, brilliant minds from a lot of cabinet making companies and cabinet selling shops like Cabinets Direct have come up with a cabinet that is not only eco-friendly, but durable and stylish as well. They have come with furniture now commonly called bamboo cabinets.

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Why Choose Bamboo Made Cabinets

Not everybody may know this for a fact but the bamboo material is actually one of the toughest natural materials out there. Most bamboo plants, especially those large ones can be more durable and flexible that most wood. But what are the other benefits of having bamboo cabinets inside the house? What makes bamboo an ideal material for cabinets and other furniture? Listed below are just some of its wonderful properties.

  • Highly renewable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Does not chip easily

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Where bamboo plants are commonly found, they are known to be one of the toughest plants there is. Amazingly, they can withstand almost any kind of severe weather making them one of the sturdiest plants anywhere. This has led a lot of people into thinking that they can make stylish yet durable things out of bamboo culms. And so the notion was really true after all.

Products for Your Convenience

A lot of people and cabinet making companies are now taking notice of the beauty of cabinets made out bamboo. Listed below are just some of the bamboo cabinets that are readily available in the market today on different cabinet shops and websites.

  • Bamboo kitchen cabinets are ideal for any home because of its versatility when it comes to style and its durability. For an area that is prone to spillage of different kinds of liquids, having a material as durable as bamboo will be perfect for it. Unlike other materials that breaks easily when exposed to water, bamboo made cabinets will surely longer.

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  • Similar to kitchen cabinets made out of bamboo, bamboo bathroom cabinets also proves to be a good choice for this type of room simply because of the fact that the place is prone to moisture, which has been proven to destroy cabinets made from other materials. Bamboo bath cabinets are not only durable; they are also very stylish making it perfect for any bathroom. A lot of tropical resorts nowadays use bamboo for their bathroom cabinets for the style and quality.

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Where to Find Quality Bamboo Made Cabinets

As previously mentioned above, there are a lot of storage solution stores, cabinet making shops and home improvement shops that sell exciting selections like beautiful and elegant bamboo cabinets. However, when it comes to selecting the best kind of bamboo made cabinets, there are some things to be considered like the area where the cabinets would be placed.

The type of material the cabinet is made will determine its longevity especially when placed on areas where there is a high level of heat or moisture that some cabinet materials would not last very long. However in these types of areas, having a cabinet made out of bamboo will surely last long since bamboo boards are known for its toughness and style as well.

Melamine Cabinets for Different Purposes at Home

When it comes to cabinets that will be used at home or in the office or any workplace, one may find it surprising to know that there are actually a lot of cabinets that are made from various types of materials; not only the traditional wood and metal. These cabinets made from different materials are also reliable as their wood and metal counterpart. One product in particular that is used to make cabinets that will be described in this article is melamine. And with that, the different types of melamine cabinets will be discussed.

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What is it really?

Melamine is actually a paper finish that is resin saturated and thermally fused. The materials are bonded on a core made of particleboard and are made hard enough to be used on building different kinds of carpentry products especially cabinets. The material is generally made of plastic but can be made to look like some other materials commonly used for cabinet making like wood.


With that in mind, listed below are just some of the different melamine cabinets that people can go look for in different cabinet making stores and shops like Cabinets Direct.

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  • Kitchen Cabinets

Perhaps one of the most common places where you can find cabinets of different sizes and function inside the house is the kitchen. This is one of the reasons why cabinet makers have made these kinds of storage devices made out of melamine. There are also some instances where the cabinets themselves are not entirely made out of melamine but with other materials as well such as wood to make it sturdier. Melamine kitchen cabinets can also come in different colors; depending on the preferences of the homeowner and how that person want their melamine made kitchen cabinets to look like.


  • Storage Cabinets

Another common type of cabinet that is made from melamine is the storage cabinets. Melamine storage cabinets are commonly found in bedrooms to store wardrobe and other things inside the bedroom. Storage cabinets made of melamine can also be used on different places such as the office to store important files and other office equipment.


  • Garage Cabinets

Melamine cabinets are not only suitable to use in the kitchen, office or bedroom; but it can also be used on the garage as well. Because of the different colors available for this type of cabinets, it can be used to suit any garage no matter what the owner’s taste is. Common colors used in melamine garage cabinets are white, brown, black and red. These colors are readily available in various storage solution shops and can be purchased for a reasonable price.

painted melamine kitchen cabinets


As you can clearly see, there is a multitude of melamine-based cabinets that you can choose from. Select accordingly to your needs and budget and surely, there will be no chances of you going wrong.


Pros and Cons of Having Melamine Cabinets

A lot of people have their own opinion about using melamine on their cabinetry projects or even purchasing cabinets entirely made out of melamine. Because of this, here are some of the pros and cons of having cabinets made out of melamine or using the product as the main material for one’s next cabinet making project.

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  • Cheap – Materials made entirely out of melamine can be very cheap. This is the reason why a lot of people still use it despite its flaws.
  • Easy to clean – perhaps just a matter of wiping would do.
  • Does not absorb odor and stains.



  • Chips easily and hard to repair.
  • Can be easily damaged by water, so cleaning should only be done with a damp cloth.
  • Heavy


So those are the different pros and cons of having melamine for the cabinet. One must weigh things properly to decide whether this material is fit for the project or not.

A Quick Purchasing Guide on Used Cabinets

When it comes to having the best kind of cabinets to be used in the home, there can be a lot of places that people can go to and purchase the different kinds of cabinets that they would need for their home. Some would even go as far as having custom made kitchen and bedroom cabinets. However, this mode of purchasing would only apply to those people who have the budget for brand new or even custom made cabinets. For those who still want to get that high quality cabinets without ever having to dig deep into their pockets, one can always go choose to go for used cabinets instead of the new ones.

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While shops like Cabinets Direct can provide different kinds of brand new cabinets for any home, there are also other shops that provide these used cabinets. The good thing about having to purchase second hand cabinets is that the prices are significantly lower compared to having the brand new ones. Having second hand cabinets also gives a classic look to any home where it will be used.

Viable Options on Second-hand Cabinets

So what are the different types of second hand cabinets that are available in the market today? Some of these items are listed below.

  • File Cabinets – One of the most common types of second hand cabinet is the file cabinet. This is mainly because of the fact that this kind of cabinet is probably the kind that can be easily disposed and sold, especially nowadays where a lot of offices are ditching their file cabinets in place of supercomputers that store larger amount of files. Used file cabinets can be found in a lot of office storage stores and surplus shops.

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  • Storage Cabinets – Storage cabinets can be used either at the home or at the office like file cabinets. However they can vary in sizes, number or availability of shelves and areas where it can be placed. Used storage cabinets at home can be used on different parts of the house like the kitchen, bedroom and in the garage. And as mentioned above, these cabinets in particular vary in size depending on the type of item that will be stored on these cabinets. Used cabinets of this variety can also be found on surplus shops, office and home storage stores as well. Storage and file cabinets can also be either made of wood and metal.

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  • Metal Cabinets – Metal cabinets in particular are widely used in a lot of areas like the home or the office. A lot of companies choose to use this type of cabinets in particular instead of the wooden type for easy transport as well as avoiding decay caused by termites. Used metal cabinetscan either be file metal cabinets, metal storage cabinets and they also come in different sizes and number of shelves as well.

Shopping Online

Just like shopping for brand new cabinets, used cabinetscan also be found in a lot of websites online. Vending websites like craigslist and other similar websites feature these second hand cabinets and they can come from a lot of different sources offering a wide range of cabinet designs and their prices vary as well.

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Checking Second Hand Cabinets

One common mistake people do is purchasing second hand cabinets that turned out to have defects. This is why people should perform a thorough physical inspection of the cabinet to be bought for damages. Also, used cabinets usually do not have any warranty anymore either because it has been used already or expired. Either way, that is enough reason to be more scrupulous when buying second hand cabinets.

Laminate Cabinets: A Simple Buyer’s Guide

Laminate cabinets are ideal for people who plan to do some home renovation without spending towards an empty wallet. They are also widely preferred for rental properties and cottages. Freestanding cupboard pieces happen to be another type of laminate cabinetry. If you want to get the best laminate kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it is important to do some research as well as some inspections before buying. There are also a couple other things you need to consider, especially when you are looking for a specific type of laminate cabinetry.

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Popular Options

Here are three of the most common options available:

  • Laminate File Cabinets

These cabinets are frequently used in office settings, may it be in the workplace or at home. This kind of cabinetry is very useful when you have to organize your files, folders and generally paperwork. Some of the choices you would have for this would be a single, double, and up to four drawers for every cabinet. The major types for this would be the lateral and vertical file cabinet. There are 2-columned cabinets that carry 6 to 8 drawers, evenly placed on each column.

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  • Laminate Storage Cabinets

These cabinets can are rather versatile and they always have a place to stay inside your home. There are storage cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even in the garage. Nonetheless, the things you should root for must always be in line with the goals you have for buying a laminate storage cabinet. Some of the greatest advantages of these cabinets would be as follows:

  • They eat little space
  • They are easily adjustable
  • They are widely available
  • The rooms get a more spacious look with them around, allowing for freer movements
  • Refacing laminate cabinets can be done through simple finishing materials

    painting refinishing laminate cabinets

You can really put in just about anything you want in these laminate cabinetries. May it be books, tools, clothes and anything that fits within its dimension.

  • Laminate Cabinets for Advanced Use

Laminate for cabinets are known for their optimal protective qualities. For that reason, they make an effective storage cabinet for your specialized tools such as video recorders, cameras, and other gadgets. These cabinets are a sturdy and safe place to keep your expensive equipment. You can even try to make the most out of these cabinetries by incorporating a couple other ideas like adding compact storage containers, albums, portfolios and CD racks to keep your things organized. While some would require padlocks, others have installed lock mechanisms, particularly lockbox combos, which add up for enhanced security reasons.

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Tips in Buying Laminate Cabinets

Once you have determined the kind of laminate cabinetry you want to buy, your journey is actually just beginning. So to keep you guided, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Visit your local furniture store.
  • Once you are able to find a seemingly good deal for a cabinet, don’t purchase it right away even after seeing its low price tag. Check out for a similar item online first and compare the prices.
  • If the price online is much cheaper, proceed further with the ordering process. If you are required to pay for a shipping cost, that is when you go resort to buying the one in the local store.
  • Before buying, thoroughly check the condition of the cabinet, because there are actually instances where new items have unnoticed damages. Nonetheless, if the design meets your purpose, go with it.

Hopefully this piece has answered some of your queries. For more options concerning right type of laminate cabinet for your home and to get some inspiration on refinishing laminate cabinets, visit Cabinets Direct online.

A Quick Guide to Base Cabinets

Imagine what a home would be without cabinets. Your clothes are folded but only placed on top of tables, all your paperwork and document folders piled on the floor, and all your kitchen items eating every little space of the kitchen area from corner to corner. There is no organization and everything’s a mess. So much for that, at least cabinets do exist. The only real thing you have to worry about is choosing the right cabinets for the different areas in your home. Base cabinets really set the standards for that matter.

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Defining Base Cabinets

A base cabinet is a type of cabinetry that uses the floor for countertop support. It is usually 34.5 inches in height and 24 to 30 inches deep. This type of cabinet is also what maps out the floor plan, especially in the kitchen area.


  • Kitchen Base Cabinets

Designing the kitchen in an outstandingly special manner is always a tough mission to take. There are many things people expect of a kitchen area, one being that it should be fully functional. Some would only settle for that sheer purpose, but those who can really see through the value of a kitchen tends to go the extra mile – artistic designing for a uniquely stunning kitchen area. A base cabinet for the kitchen would be a good place to start. Something made from oak wood with a touch of maple interior can really set out some quaintness in the atmosphere. For a more prestigious look, glass-door base cabinetries are the better choice. Three of the most prominent glass styles would be the cathedral, arches, and squares design. Other than the visual benefits of the three, glass-door base cabinets give more protection to the contents against water.

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  • Bathroom Base Cabinets

If you’re planning to totally remodel your bathroom area or just give a few modifications to it, you should always begin with the cabinets. Base cabinetries in the bathroom are multi-edged – they serve as vanities, sinks and storage spaces. For someone in tight budget, the best alternative for you would be to buy a three-in-one vanity countertop, which includes a sink in the combination. There’s no need to contact a professional for the installation process as you can do the task yourself through these easy steps:

  • Get wood shims, a ply board 2 inches wider than the dimensions of the surface of the cabinet, and number 10 screws that are 3 inches long each

    building kitchen base cabinets

  • Set cabinet on the right place
  • Place the shims below the corners, and have the ply board below the shims.
  • Get studs for each corner of the shims and bolt them up with the screws.
  • Get another ply board of the same dimensions and position it in a standing position behind the cabinet.
  • You can either nail the bottom corners or screw them up, whichever you prefer.
  • Set the assembled piece by the wall and then get another set of studs and screws. That is how the cabinet is wedged to the wall.

    elegant bathroom base cabinets

Unfinished Base Cabinets

If you are someone who is rather meticulous with their home furniture, then unfinished base cabinets are definitely your business. These cabinets are half-completed, which leaves a lot of room for improvement and fulfilment. You can do almost anything you want with it, like maybe add a dark stain to it or light hues, anything that satisfies your needs for aesthetic freedom.

Base cabinets are among the staples of a functional home. Whether you plan to go with fully finished or unfinished, there is a spectrum of quality options available for you at Cabinets Direct.

Lateral File Cabinets to Avoid Office Clutters

There are a lot of things that affect a person’s performance in work. Whether you’re someone who works in an office or owns an office space at home, either way, the proper organization of your files really plays an important role. You could really use a nice set of lateral file cabinets for that matter.

Vertical file cabinets have always been trusted by many for the functions they set out. However, lateral filing cabinets have their fair share of the perks, too. First of all, they have a strong build with style and impeccable volume incorporated. With that in mind, lateral file cabinets are able to hold a big amount of documents or paperwork with very minimal floor usage. Plus, it is more effective than several vertical units stacked together.

simple lateral file cabinets

Wood Lateral File Cabinets

With the many types of lateral cabinets available for your sensitive or generally important office files, why go with something made out of wood? A lot of people from the corporate world recommend wooden file cabinets and their reason: An office space needs to have a friendly, welcoming aura so as to give the person or a group of workers in it to have a much better mind-setting and thus, become more efficient and clear-minded to do their tasks. To better explain that and for secondment, wooden materials have a classier, quaint beauty compared to metal. As file cabinets, they can offer just as much storage space or even more than any other out there.

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Now, why do the looks of your office matter? Remember that if you want to build a stable of clients, you need to know how to hook them into your business. First impressions matter and progressions oftentimes start from there. Also, wooden cabinets are versatile and open-channelled, allowing you to apply some decorative styling to attract more specific clients that might lead you to higher grounds in your enterprise.

2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Two heads are always better than one. In the case of file cabinets, a lateral one with two drawers can make the paradigm of an effective choice. Having two drawers in one cabinet can help reduce the possibilities of intricate file searches. You would be able to separate the different folders depending on the nature of the documents they hold. In addition to that, the drawers are easy to slide and easier to open and lock through push-to-release tabs.

dark wood lateral file cabinets

Used Lateral File Cabinets

They say new is always better. But, that doesn’t really matter, especially if you’re the type who tends to be practical in this modern day crisis. There are a couple reasons why used file cabinets would be a better choice and they are as a follows:

  • There are used cabinets that are as good as new.
  • Used cabinets are cheaper than new ones.
  • New or old, either way, a file cabinet serves the same purpose: to keep your paperwork organized.

    furniture used lateral file cabinets

There are also people who buy second hand items for matters that concern antiquities. Yes, even lateral file cabinets can be precious collectibles, especially those that were made by Edwin Seibels from 1898 to the early parts of the 19th century.

Then again, going with used file cabinets over new ones wouldn’t really give much difference when there are no damages and everything is in good shape. The only real difference is that you save more money, which is actually a good thing. Just make sure that before you buy, try to scope every angle before making the deal so your money won’t be wasted as collateral. And sometimes, it takes considering only established second hand furniture providers like Cabinets Direct to hedge yourself from buying with items drawbacks.

Pantry Cabinets to Boost Your Kitchen’s Efficiency

Every kitchen needs a well-organized design. It has to be the cleanest of all parts of the home … for many obvious reasons. A good one being that it is the place where you get to prepare food for you and your family’s day-to-day meals. In other words, keeping the kitchen clean and organized is should be on top of your priorities list. Pantry cabinets can help keep you on the loop for that.

cool pantry cabinets

Pantry Cabinet Varieties

Having an organized kitchen requires ample sized pantry cabinets where you can store kitchen accessories, cooking and baking ingredients, and food. An adequate kitchen cabinet needs to possess three important elements – robust walls, a sturdy base and a roomy shelf. Kitchen pantry cabinets are also beneficial when they have adjustable shelves and easy sealing mechanisms. Here are three of the best pantry storage cabinets that you should definitely consider.

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  • White Pantry Storage Cabinets

This kind of storage cabinet comes with a lovely and embossed ornate door, which is perfect for people who seek to pull off a conspicuously chic design for a pantry. The usual design has three to four storage shelves, all spacious and durable enough to hold some considerably heavy kitchen items. It also has a scalloped base railing that elaborates its complete design. Composite cupboard is used in the making of this type of pantry cabinet. What’s interesting is that the material is not really wood but it doesn’t diminish its appeal at all. Going with this choice ensures that you’re not flaking from your goals of devising the perfect kitchen plan that carries both aesthetic quality and veritable functionality.

optional kitchen pantry cabinets

  • Roll-Out Pantry Cabinets

You don’t need complex pantry cabinet with tall swing-out layers; all you need is something with rollout shelves. First of all, this design is proven to be an economical means to improve the operational aspects of your kitchen. A cupboard design with rollout shelves is installed right from the floor and all the way to about a sixty-inch height. It is also customizable, opening the channels for drawer partitioning so that you can widen the categorical grouping of your kitchen items.

  • Butler’s Pantry Cabinet

This kind of pantry cabinet design is similar that of a cabinet island design – it is located in the middle area of the kitchen. It goes the extra mile in terms of functionality, because apart from being able to store fine china and other kitchen essentials in it, it can also serve as a countertop when customized rightly. It is a more convenient choice given that it makes things a lot more accessible for the quick reach of your hands. Simply pull the drawer out for the butter knife and you can make the best jammed sandwiches without the need to walk to the other corner and reach out onto the shelf overhead.

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Advice on Choosing the Right Pantry Cabinets

Assess the kind of activeness you have in the kitchen for two reasons: Overestimating can waste space and shortage can lead to storage troubles. There are people who are passionate about cooking to the extent that they do a lot of recipe creations and alike. There are also those who just prefer quick cooking options given a set of circumstances that lead them to a constant morning and evening rush are at hand. By knowing where you’re standing at on these two cases, you should be able to realize what exactly you need.

One more thing you should remember is that there’s no need to create hole in your pocket just to get the best out there. You can avail cheap pantry cabinets without compromising style and functionality. Just give time to do a bit of research and comparisons from trusted stores out there like Cabinets Direct and a lot more. You’ll be shocked of the seemingly endless options you have and the wonderful price tags they have.

Wall Cabinets for a Fully Operational Storage System at Home

Whether big or small, either way, a home is always bounded by a limit. With that in mind, it is important to know how to make the most out of the space you have and one of the most brilliant means for that would be through the installation of wall cabinets.

A vital type of cabinetry

Wall cabinets happen to be among the most significant kind of storage space in the home. These cabinets walk the lines of style, functionality and wise space usage. They can be put up in any part of the home – bathroom, kitchen, garage and some would even have them on the bedrooms. Wherever they are installed, one thing is for sure: They make better alternatives to avoid the clutter.

homemade wall cabinets

Wall cabinet designs to flaunt your collections

When all else fails, a wall cabinet won’t in terms of displaying your exquisite collections, like porcelain figurines, vintage line of action figures, a family of Barbie Dolls, mini artefacts from the Egyptians or pretty much any antiquity that you have in possession or contemplating to buy for decorative purposes. In this case – where you get to exhibit your tiny treasures to guests or just to please your beauty ravening eyes – a wall cabinet with push-to-open or slide mirror doors should do the trick.

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  • Bathroom wall cabinets

The bathroom is always the smallest room in the home, yet it perpetually goes fully active on a day-to-day basis. For a small space, it is also the one that takes in a lot of clutter. Of course, the bathroom should have a complete set of your bathing and other hygienic needs and bathroom cabinets in the wall help as a great additional space to cover, protect and adequately store all of these items. One of the most advised kinds of wall mounted bathroom cabinet would be the arch type that features two wood-framed mirror door panels, two to three open storage platforms and a hanging place beneath for bath and face towels.

great bathroom wall cabinets

  • Kitchen wall cabinets

Wall units make a great addition in the kitchen place. At times, it is just disturbing to see the knife sets by the countertop together with the plates and other kitchen and dining essentials. Even if they are well-organized, it is still better to clear off the coast, allowing for a better ambiance that gives a better feeling of freedom and breathability. Furthermore, a wall cabinet unit installed in the kitchen can store a lot of your kitchen and dining utilities categorically with the many partitions it is made with. All you have to take in your sight then would be the ovens, stovetops and other cooking appliances that, of course, cannot be put inside the wall cabinet unit.

  • Garage wall cabinets

Unlike other wall cabinetsin the home, the ones specialized for the garage have more elements incorporated. And they are as follows:

  • Convertible racks
  • Standard heavy duty worktable or bench
  • Detachable legs made for additional strength
  • Compartments for an assortment of tools
  • Adjustable shelves

    awesome kitchen wall cabinets

More ideas

It is considerably the best option to choose for an arsenal of tools for some serious garage work. You can also boost the design for absolute functionality by having a professional multi-hook racks where you can hang mops, brooms, jackets, hats, wrench and other garage essentials. You can even have the wall cabinets specialized for sporting equipment.

Wall cabinet units are of evident exceptional value, especially when you buy them from trusted stores like Cabinets Direct. With the many features these cabinets can enlist for space saving and efficient content protecting purposes, they are totally worth every cent.  

The Benefits of Using Cherry Cabinets

Choosing the kind of cabinets to put in your kitchen can be quite a daunting task. That is simply because of the numerous designs available that could lead you to confusion on which choice really makes the great deal. You’ll see one advantage over another and then you’ll find yourself tangled in another group of better choices just when you thought you’ve had the best to bet on. Aside from that, it is also a must to scope out things first, like how much of a cut can be consumed considering the fact that there are other furniture in the kitchen space. Also, there are two axioms for determining an ideal kitchen cabinetry choice – it must possess exquisiteness and it must be a paradigm of practicality. Two of which are found in cherry cabinets.

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Why cherry wood cabinets are the reasonable choice

There are palpable reasons why cherry cabinets make a great deal for a kitchen cabinetry choice. The first one would be that all of them are made only from real wood. Apart from possessing beauty, cabinets out of solid wood are high in quality as furnishings and thus, they can last long lifetimes. Though some special caring might be on the line, they are certainly more robust than cabinets made from pressed wood or pressboard. You may also find cherry wood cabinetry to be costlier than a lot of cabinetry types. However, it is less likely for you to have them replaced every so often because they carry impeccable qualities that avoid easy tearing.

best exquisite cherry cabinets

  • Cherry kitchen cabinetry as a mid-range route

Some people consider cherry cabinets to be somewhere in the middle. They may not be that cheap, but they’re also not that expensive. Cherry wood cabinets are also known for their medium level of strength, making them strong enough for protracted use. So cherry being a prevalent cabinetry option totally makes a lot of sense granted numerous homeowners view cabinets to be investment that are long lasting.

best dark cherry cabinets style

  • Cherry cabinetry is rich in color

Aesthetic value being an important factor to consider is relatively undeniable. Cherry wood comes in a gorgeous color that deepens with light and age. This is one of its notably admired features. But one thing worth being mindful about is that an aged color could lead you to some difficulty in matching the overall appearance of your kitchen when replacements have to be done, especially when the designs are somewhat contradicting in one way or the other.

Nonetheless, cherry generates some distinctive warmth on its own. If the background of the kitchen has a warm color, it is likely to make a more inviting feeling, which would make not only your family, but also friends feel like they’re at home.

best cherry wood cabinets design

Natural cherry cabinets for various design schemes

A lot of people want cabinets that are consistently grained through smooth wood materials; cherry cabinets happen to qualify for that criterion. Virtually all cherry cabinetries work well with any kitchen decoration. If you have a black and white theme for your kitchen, there are dark cherry cabinets that should fit the missing puzzle pieces, treading the lines of classiness and minimalism. There are also cherry cabinet options that can help contemporary designs feel less blunt without losing great sense of style and taste.

Cherry made cabinets are widespread and you can either go online shopping to the reliable virtual stores like Cabinets Direct or visit actual home furnishing shops around your locale. Either way, it is rest assured that cabinets out of cherry wood are produced with the finest grade that will match your styling and functional preferences. 

A Closer Look at the Quaint Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets experience ups and downs of popularity through the years. Just like any shaker craftsmanship and design, Shaker style cabinets are generally well made, simple and functional. Two of the most known attributes of these cabinets are the distinct door style – also known the frame & panel — and the dovetail corners used. The front part of a shaker cabinet’s door comprises an overlaid frame on a profoundly simple wood panel.

Originally, shaker kitchen cabinets were made of the quaint cherry wood. Nowadays, this kind of cabinet is now available in virtually all kinds of woods, allowing homeowners to choose either the ones made of indigenous wood materials or those that blend beautifully with the other elements of the house’s décor. When handles and drawer pulls are put up, they would normally be the knobs that match with certain wood types or in other cases, simple hardware objects. These are also available in modern furniture stores like Cabinets Direct.

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The Objectives of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The conventional shaker furniture and cabinets were used with zero adornments or decorations. The shakers used to value clean, simple lines in furniture and architecture, and also with other trade crafts. This kind of style used to be in observance with their beliefs and values. The Shakers have preferred furniture items built within in the structures. The results were neat with not even little space wasted. The furniture was fully functional, having several shelves, drawers and sturdy doors to keep the contents safe.

best white shaker kitchen cabinets

A Brief History about the Shakers

The Shakers had originating settlements across the Northeaster part of America and also in some quarters in New England. They were known to have been an influential utopian Christian organization during the 18th century, living in communities they so called “families” consisting around 35 to 100 individuals. Compared to other communities, the Shakers built their homes in a rather linear orientation about three quarters a mile away from each other. They had “Millennial Laws” that regulated each aspect of shared life. This included the following:

  • Marriage
  • Lifestyle
  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Work
  • Community Planning
  • Architecture

best shaker style cabinets

In a certain scale, Shaker furniture was built under conventional purposes that depicted cleanliness, simplicity and absolute functionality.

Shaker Cabinets in the Making

There are certain requirements to make durable furniture, like cabinets. One of which would be the use of wood joints that are dovetailed. These are ubiquitous in shaker type cabinets that need no gluing or nailing. Dovetail joints allow the wood material to contract and expand as one piece. The result: A joint that is undamaged with the shrinking and swelling of the wooden parts, even with dampness and the passage of time. How much it will cost for a finished shaker cabinet always depends on the kind of wood put to use. Its central focus in the making is always the center panel door, which determines what material best works for a design and the kind of natural finishing.

best shaker cabinets

The Different Shaker Style Cabinets

One of the reasons behind the popularity of the shaker furniture line is its proven durability. Another one would be its quaint beauty paired with minimalism. It is originally one of the furniture types that do not necessitate capturing the eyes of people, serving only for functional purpose. But these days, there have been drastic changes and the once simple furniture streak now cleft to endearing elegance. Some of today’s popular choices include maple, birch, honey pine, chestnut, butternut and cherry Shaker cabinets. So whether you are rooting for a historic kitchen design or for fully throttled functionality, Shaker cabinets are the key to either case.