Arty Ideas for Cheap and Affordable Cabinet Doors

If you’ve been thinking about doing a little home improvement and you’ve had an eye on the kitchen for a while, then buying cheap cabinet doors and turning them into works of art could be a fun and worthwhile project. When you buy doors for Cabinets Direct from a local supplier, you can often get them at very competitive rates than if you go to a well-known home improvement store, for example. These doors are made from good quality material but because you buy wholesale instead of retail, you’ll save quite a bit on the deal.

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Installing Cabinet Doors

After you have bought your cheap replacement cabinet doors from a trusted supplier, the replacement part is a relatively simple project. Just follow the steps below and, before you know it, you have a full new set of doors that immediately improve the entire look and feel of the most used room in the house.

  • Removing your old doors is the easiest part because all you have to do is to remove the screws joining the door hinges to the frame. Make sure the doors are supported from below when you take the screws out.
  • You can reuse the hinges for the new doors you have just bought, or you can buy new ones to go with the doors in case the old ones are rusty and creaky.

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  • Remember to align the cabinet doors properly before you screw in the hinges. If the hinges are in the same position, you should ideally use plastic screw anchors to make sure that the new screws hold.
  • Once the hinges are aligned and marked, just put in the new screws and your cabinet doors are ready!

“Artifying” your Affordable Cabinet Doors

This is the fun part of the project, but the best types of doors for these are cheap unfinished cabinet doors. Unfinished doors are more economical to purchase and they’re much better for custom paint work. All you need to do is speak to your local neighborhood artist friend and have her give you a couple of concepts for design. After you choose one you like, get her to paint the theme on all your cabinet doors to give them a unique identity that will make your kitchen look exactly the way you want it. If you’re an animal lover, you could choose a cool blue underwater theme or go wild with a forest theme to turn your cheap kitchen cabinet doors into works of art.

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Points to Note

When doing any kind of home improvement project – even something as simple as installing cheap cabinet doors – you must remember that safety comes first at all times. Here are some crucial safety tips to follow:

  • Use the right equipment – make sure you have the right size screw driver, the right screws and the right type of hinges. Using mismatched components is an invitation to danger.
  • Support the doors from below when removing old ones or putting in new ones. If the hinges slip, at least the door won’t fall on your feet and hurt you.
  • Ensure that you have enough light in the kitchen when fixing the cabinet doors.

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Your kitchen doesn’t have to be that place you keep avoiding. Make it clean, spice it up with cheap cabinet doors that boast of alluring aesthetic value. Before you know it, you’ll have a scintillating cooking space everyone will adore. Then remember that cheap does not mean substandard. As such, go for nothing short of cheap cabinet doors that offer you value for money. Use these simple ideas and see your kitchen turning from drab to fab in less than a day!

A Closer Look At Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

Ways of refacing your kitchen can draw a long list. While traditional wood are the choice of many, homeowners can go with thermofoil cabinet doors as an alternative with its viable way in covering the existing cabinetry.

Among the popular choices are white thermofoil cabinet doors. Such cabinetry is capable of making a simple kitchen stand out. They may seem plain right from the surface, but they surely offer quite stylish contrasts toward a rather simple design. These cabinets are best used to contrast elements that are either dark or colourful. For instance, rich cherry flooring, appliances with tinted glass, and dark colored granite countertops. When these elements are put to contrast white thermofoil cabinetry, a unified feeling for a kitchen can be achieved.

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A Brief Description of Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Doors

A thermofoil cabinet is generally made out of particle board incased within a vinyl type skin – and it is done through adhesive and heating application. These processes explain that tight fit of the finished product. The wonderful thing about thermofoil cabinet doors is that they require less and fairly easy cleaning. Plus, the color doesn’t fade quickly compared to painted wood options. For these reasons, thermofoil cabinetries are oftentimes chosen due to exceptional value with reasonably low costs compared to other styles out there.

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Keeping Thermofoil Doors Safe from Heat Damage

While thermofoil cabinets are proven durable, they are not an exception to damage susceptibility, especially from heat. For that reason, here are some tips that would help you keep them preserved:

  • Remove all the doors and drawers next to the oven, particularly if you are applying self-cleaning processes. Throughout the process, there is always little amount curt of heat escaping through the over door’s edges. That will actually cause the plastic to melt, thus, shrinking and curling follows.
  • Do not place your deep fryer directly underneath cabinet doors above so as to avoid the melting of the plastic material.
  • Either push or pull oven toasters away from your cabinet’s door edges. That way, the heat rising won’t boil down to damaging the doors.

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Why Buy from a Reliable Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

It is important that you buy thermofoil cabinets from a trusted source. A good example would be Cabinets Direct. Why is there a need for this? That is simply because you would want assurance that your money does not go to waste. There must be warranty coverage to hedge you from overspending when issues start to surface. Just imagine the overhead costs you might end up having through professional services and the necessary materials. The typical cabinet man is stapled with a 50-dollar hourly rate while there are others that run for around 450 to 600 dollars per 21” upper and base cabinets. In addition to that, reliable sources that provide warranties on cabinetry also shoulder shipping costs when manufacturer services have to be involved.

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These rigid thermofoil cabinet doors are cloistered with protective qualities that assure longevity to the consumer. You can also go with customized options that are made available or impart your ideas to your professional contact so they can come up with a design that would suit your taste. Since your kitchen is an essential part of your abode, it is just right to invest on thermofoil cabinetry options with the brilliance they possess.

How to Build Cabinet Doors and Storage Cabinets

Decorating the home can be a lot of fun. Every space in the home has a respective amount of importance – your kitchen is not an exception to that. Now, what is the most dominant thing you can find in the kitchen? Aside from the countertops and the sink area, the cabinets play a fairly significant role. Cabinets are where you store different utensils necessary for cooking, baking and so much more. If you want to resurface your kitchen so as to make it more pleasing to the eye, perhaps knowing to how to build cabinet doors would be perfect for starters.

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Essentials on How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If there’s one thing worth noting about making cabinet doors, that would be the fact that it’s easy. A lot of people go with hiring professional interior designers, and that is because they are daunted by the possibilities of messing up with the job. However, aside from being easy, it’s also a fun task to undertake. You just have to have some amount of ingenuity in the process and be imparted by some of the simplest ways of doing woodwork … or generally carpentry. Add to that the fact that there are many different styles to pick from. Whether you plan to know how to build shaker style cabinet doors, or glass cabinet doors for distinctive elegance, or any other style available, the outcome will be satiating if the choice is based on what you fancy.

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How to Build a Storage Cabinet with Doors

What other reason is there that should convince you to learn on how to build cabinet doors? To begin with, you get to save a lot of money. Secondly, the cabinets can be as good as you imagined them to be, impeccably stylish with exactitude. For starters, here’s a step by step guide to accomplish your very first two-door storage cabinet.

  • Determine the measurement of your ideal cabinet. As a standard choice, it should have a 24-inch depth and 34.5-inch height.
  • Draw your desired cabinet design labelled with measurements on a drafting paper.
  • Get lumber wood or fused melamine. The latter is recommended as it is rot-proof and thus, lasts longer.
  • Get a 48-inch by 96-inch sheet for each cabinet you want built.
  • Acquire an edge banding that you prefer. Each cut side of the edges must be covered.

tips on how to build kitchen cabinet doors

  • Get a wall saw, chop saw, table saw, and a dado saw.
  • Protect your eyes using safety goggles and carefully put the sheet of fused melamine on the wall saw. Proceed with cutting at your required length using the saw blade. After having done the first piece, cut another same sized sheet.
  • Have the saw blade set at 24 inches and get the other length cut. So now, there should be two pieces of 34.5 by 24-inch sheets.
  • Proceed with cutting for the top to bottom piece for the 24-inch depth. The width will depend on your choosing.
  • Band only the side that comes with the length you chose, not the 24-inch one.
  • Both the wood pieces must be set up with the closed dado.

tips on how to build cabinet doors

  • Get a staple gun and hook it to the nearest air hose. It is important to use only 1.5 inch staples. That way, all side can be secured tightly from top to bottom.
  • Get the bottom piece placed into your cabinet’s bottom dado. Staple it and apply the same steps to each side of your cabinet, followed by its top piece.
  • Finish the cabinet with paint of your choosing.


So now you know how to build cabinet doors on your own. As a tip, get inspiration from Cabinets Direct to know what you must plan for a cool cabinet project. Enjoy! 

How to Make Cabinet Doors – Wonderful Styles That You Can Follow

Learning how to make cabinet doors doesn’t really require rocket science. Once warmed up with the basics of it, you’ll begin to realize the process being much less daunting than it seems. Drawing out your cabinets or building them is the first step to take. What follows them is the decision-making phase on what door style you desire putting up.

How to Make Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There are plenty of styles that you can go with. The simplest one would be the slab type made of plain and flat material. Typically, it only takes a sturdy piece of melamine or plywood. You just have to make sure that in this kind of cabinet door, all edges need covering. Ironed edge banding works perfectly well to meet that purpose.

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How to Make Cabinet Doors Effectively

The kitchen is a vital part of the home, which is why it has to remain fully functional at all times. Kitchen cabinets are mainly built for storage of cooking utensils or ingredients or for both. Kitchen cabinet doors are simply made the same way as other cabinet doors are. The differences can only be seen in the materials being used. First of all, you will need a strongly built plywood box also known as a carcase. It needs to be trimmed in accordance to the dimensions of the cabinet. It is also recommended that the carcase be made of three quarters of plywood with rabbets or dadoes. That way, the backing and the shelves can be held sturdily even with weights on on how to make shaker cabinet doors

How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

Now why would you love to go with shaker cabinet doors? Here are three reasons why:

  • These cabinet doors portray the Old World classic in craftsmanship. The symmetry: quaint beauty.
  • They are simple overlays that are easy to make
  • As inset panel doors made of hardwood glued tightly with the frame, the durability achieved is faultless.

As far as the creation of shaker cabinet doors, you need to remember the necessity of the overlay having a measure of ¾ inches. ¼ inch of hardwood actually does the trick, too, if you happen to have flat-front door panels. With this kind of material, there shouldn’t be any interference for the hinges when opening and closing the door. Add vertical strips of hardwood evenly between the bottom and top strips to take your shaker a step ahead.

Warning: Avoid excessive amounts of glue. When it oozes from under a strip you applied it to, immediately wipe off to avoid dirt and stain from permanently marking the surface. Otherwise, add some paint to the kitchen doors with a color that fits well.

tips on how to make kitchen cabinet doors

How to Make Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors are like magic with how they can beautify not only the cabinet itself but also the entire kitchen. You will only need a couple materials for that. But before you start on the steps on how to make cabinet doors, you must first gather the following:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Ruler
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Glass panels
  • Glass clips
  • Router

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The first step would be measuring the dimensions. Once determined, mark linings on the glass panels and cut them accordingly. Drill holes to where the glass clips are to be installed. Create a neat lip where the glass will be sitting on using the router. Install your newly-made glass doors and voila, mission accomplished!

Creating cabinet doors, with the right resources, can turn out to be an exciting activity to pursue. Once you get the knack of it, cabinets as good looking as the product of Cabinets Direct can be crafted in no time. 

The Glass Cabinet Doors Advantage

Glass cabinet doors are very popular as far as homes and other buildings are concerned. They are normally installed in homes in case you have plans to adorn your home. These are very beneficial in the event that you want to sell your property and want to increase its selling value. This is a great addition if you are going to modify the appearance of a certain place in the house.

Types of Glass Used

There are various types of glass for each distinctive design. Among the common types of glass used in making these cabinets are pebbled glass, seeded glass, textured glass, floral glass, unique glass, swirled glass and frost glass used in making frosted glass cabinet doors. If you need an antique look for your cabinet, then use the antiqued glass. In giving a ripple like effect to the cabinet, the carpenter will use rippled glass. With the direction of a carpenter you will be able to choose between the different types of glass that matches other pieces of furniture in the room.

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There are no much differences in glass. The decision should be completely based on what catches the eye and works best with the rest of the kitchen. The etched glass is widely used, though the more decoration you put on it, the less transparent it becomes. Amongst the most important advantages of glass doors is the ability to see through them. This prevents wastage of time searching around. So balance needs to be found between function and fashion.

Where It Is Used

Almost everyone has felt the need of having a glass cabinet and its usefulness. It’s used in household furniture set-up and in the shops. The usual cabinet essentially comprises of two doors. However, there are more advanced types with unique designs which have several knobs and doors. The quality of the glass used in the cabinet also varies a great deal. So it merely depends on what type you will purchase.

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These stained glass cabinet doors may also be hung from a wall, though there are provisions as to where these are inbuilt in the house. Most people use these in their bathrooms. The daily materials used in bathing are normally stored in these. You can keep soap cases, shampoo bottles, soap, towels in the bathroom cabinet. Normally, these cabinets are fixed at reasonable distance from bathroom showers.

The major use of glass cabinet can be found in the living room. Different types of showpieces are kept in them to display the propensity of the home owner. They are usually large compared to those in the bathrooms and kitchens. Some people even keep stereo systems and television inside the cabinets. They contain strong shelves that are made of glass. These create enough space to contain large items, specifically electronic goods.

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Advantages Of Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass doors are preferred for good display and illumination of your items. Also you can make use of focus lights on the inside of the cabinets to display some special statues. Besides, visitors can plainly see the things you have kept in your cabinet for display as glass cabinets direct light through them.

They are an elegant way to enhance your kitchen as they are both beautiful as well as functional. This will greatly improve how you use your kitchen and its worth when you want to put your house on sale. Maintaining these cabinets is really cheap and doesn’t take too much time to clean. All you need is a window pane cleaner or water and some soft cloth for drying.

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Points To Consider When Purchasing

You need to consider two essential points relating to the purchase of glass cabinet doors. You first need to decide on what particular features you desire it to have. Also you have to check out the budget range and establish how much you are able to pay for it. The best way to purchase them is by doing it online or buying them personally from shops in the nearby market.

Choosing the right glass kitchen cabinet doors for your kitchen is certainly a great addition to any home. This is due to the fact that they are versatile, enabling you to see directly into the cabinet, while looking brilliant. There aren’t many things you can do to your kitchen which will have an equal impact at such a low cost, assuming that you are not upgrading the cabinets as well.

Making A Simple Analysis Of Your Replacement Cabinet Doors Needs

Replacement cabinet doors can be very important these days especially when it comes to home improvement. Living in a house that has lifeless kitchen cabinets could be quite embarrassing. Apart from embarrassment, kitchen cabinet doors, which are in a poor condition, can also symbolize carelessness. It doesn’t matter how big or attractive a house may appear from outside, the fact is that home buyers will not be attracted to it if the bathroom and kitchen cabinets are in a poor state. However no home fixture and fitting can ever fail to wear and tear especially the kitchen cabinets. This is the reason as to why home improvement companies do manufacture the replacement kitchen cabinet doors among other replacement fixtures and fittings.

Replacement cabinet doors are however not only suitable for kitchen renovation purposes only as they can also be used to replace other cabinet doors in the house which need replacements as well like the bathroom cabinet doors. Since the replacement kitchen cabinet door is so popular today, it is of great importance for home owners to consider the following factors before embarking on a mission to purchase them for kitchen renovation purposes.


Decide On Whether to Replace the Entire Cabinet Doors or Not

Sometimes the kitchen cabinet doors may appear to be quite weary and teary, this is normally as a result of constant usage. If you start counting the number of times these doors are usually opened and closed from morning to evening, you will surely faint before you finish your arithmetic. Kitchen cabinet doors are the most utilized cabinet doors in the house. Due to the constant usage, they may begin to produce some weird sounds whenever they are opened or closed. However this does not usually require a complete replacement of the cabinet doors, in most cases the sound is normally produced by the worn out cabinet door hinges. If this is the case, then the replacement of the worn out cabinet door hinges with the new ones is the best alternative as it more easier and cheaper than replacing the entire kitchen cabinet door.

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Make A Comparison

There are numerous stores both online and local sellers that sell wider varieties of the above items at different prices. As a buyer, you are always advised to browse through the different products stocked by these stores and only go for the best quality items with the best price discounts. Try being rational and avoid going for very cheap products – remember, cheap is also expensive.

Take Correct Measurements

If you are looking to carry out a nice kitchen cabinet doors replacement, ensure that you take the correct measurements of the kitchen cabinet doors that you intend to replace. This will enable you to purchase the right sized cabinet replacement doors for your kitchen. If you purchase the wrong sized cabinet doors for this job, chances are that the replacement doors for your kitchen cabinets will not properly fit into the cabinets direct.

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Choose Your Material

Kitchen replacement cabinet doors do come in numerous materials ranging from wood to glass. Therefore it is wiser for you to first determine the materials from which your kitchen cabinets are made of. This is always important since ordering a glass replacement cabinet door for your wooden kitchen cabinet will just result into more problems remember glass and wood are not very good friends.

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Check Whether Your Kitchen Cabinet Is Simple Or Fancy

Fancy kitchen cabinets require fancy cabinet replacement doors. If you purchase a simple and ordinary replacement cabinet door for your fancy kitchen cabinet, chances are that you are going to mess up the entire kitchen. Go for the fancy kitchen cabinet replacement doors for your fancy kitchen cabinets and see how fancy your kitchen will appear.

With all the aforementioned points above, you are now good to go looking for the best replacement cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Making More Sense When Choosing The Unfinished Cabinet Doors

There are two options to choose from when purchasing cabinet doors – finished cabinet doors and the unfinished ones. Purchasing unfinished cabinet doors are a great way to make it design on your own. They come without any paint which makes it possible to select the paint of your choice. When purchasing these doors, it is advised to consider the type of wood. You will notice that the cabinet doors are the focal point of your room or kitchen. Thus, when a visitor enters the room, they might be attracted to the design or the style. The need for having an attractive cabinet door thus arises. You need to do a thorough research to get the door of your liking.

best unfinished cabinet doors

What to Consider

It is essential to check if the door fits in with the cabinet, in case you are replacing the door of the cabinet. When you are purchasing these doors, get the perfect measurement of the cabinet doors so that they fit in easily without leaving a gap. Changing cabinet door is one of the easiest ways to remodel the home or to give it a new look. You get to choose from a wide variety of custom unfinished cabinet doors. There are different kinds of wood with different finish and grains. These include maple, oak, cherry, and hickory among others.

The drawback of the readymade cabinet doors is that there is no option to customize it. It just needs to be installed. But for unfinished cabinet doors, the options are plenty. You have the liberty to make any changes you want to. When you purchase unfinished oak cabinet doors, you can get it stained and make it look like expensive Mahogany cabinet doors. You can select the stain sample that goes well with the cabinet body. If you go for a block board or plywood door, you may select from the range of veneers and laminates which you may paste on it.

best unfinished oak cabinet doors

Benefits of Unfinished Door

The unfinished cabinet door is convenient than the finished door provided you have the interest and patience to give it a proper finish.

  • Creativity and style – With unfinished doors you get the opportunity to show your creativity. You can select the material and stain depending on your choice. Select or design it on your own. In case you want the cabinet door to be slightly different from the cabinet, you can do it on your own. The unfinished door is more of a blank canvas which you can design on your own. You don’t need to settle for the ones that come with it.

  • Affordable, saves money – Everyone likes to save a bit of money. Unfinished doors are more economical compared to the pre designed doors.

  • Best way to remodel cabinet – Another advantage is that you buy unfinished wood cabinet doors and renovate it with a glass or steel handle for convenience. Change the looks of the cabinet with little investment and creativity. This remodeling might not be possible when you purchase a furnished door.

best unfinished wood cabinet doors

  • Less chance of cracks or gaps – Since the wood or ply is exposed without a layer of paint or any lamination, you are sure that there are no gaps or cracks. In case of finished cabinet door, there can be hidden cracks and gaps concealed by paints, varnishes or laminates. These cracks and gaps can reduce the longevity of the cabinet door.

  • Extra treatment for termites and other insects – You can treat the unfinished cabinet doors for termites and other insects and then do the painting, polishing or pasting of laminates. Termites and insects are the worst enemies of wood. It is always better to be doubly sure and disinfect the door once again.

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  • Little damage doesn’t matter – When you purchase unfinished doors an advantage is that a little scratch of mark or paint on it doesn’t matter. You can always make it up when you finish the door. But this would have been a big thing if it was furnished.

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen is to explore the numerous styles of unfinished cabinet doors. You can purchase a stylish and affordable range of these cabinet doors for the kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet or any other cabinet.

You get the right product of your choice only at cabinets direct. Regardless, of the type you choose, you get the best here. You might not find exactly what you are looking for, these unfinished doors help to put that thought into action.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, some people may change out all of the appliances as well as the kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, homeowners have a wide diversity of recently designed kitchen items that they can choose from. From changing out wooden cabinets with stainless steel kitchen cabinets to changing out the colors in the breakfast nook, there are many different types of changes that can be made to make an older kitchen look more modern and up-to-date. One of which is using stainless materials in their décor. Before a homeowner chooses specific types of steel appliances or stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets to update their homes, however, there are some things that each owner should know.

contemporary stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Planning the Renovations

Starting any type of renovation project in a home can be very costly. So, it is very important for the homeowner to do a thorough job of selecting the right type of materials and the appliances needed for its completion. In some cases, the owner of the home may have the expertise that is required to make the changes themselves. They can save a bit of money on the cost of the labor and construction. On the other hand, if the owner of the home does not have the skill that’s needed to do a complete kitchen renovation especially if you want to install outdoor kitchen cabinets stainless steel, they will need to shop around for contractors that do quality work at affordable prices. Finding the right contractor is often a matter of talking to neighbors, friends and family members that have had great experiences with their home renovations. So, one of the best ways to find the best contractors are asking for a list of names that are highly recommended in their industry. This list should also help to identify the contractors who are experienced in updating and modernizing the kitchen.

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Stainless Steel for Kitchen Renovations

Once the owner of the home has chosen a contractor that they want to complete their kitchen renovations. Another essential step in the process is choosing the type of appliances and kitchen cabinets that will replace the older model versions. For instance, if the owner of the homeowner would like to consider replacing their wooden kitchen cabinets with stainless steel kitchen cabinets, one of the first things that they should do is find out more information about these materials. Though stainless materials are often considered to be more hygienic and easy to clean, not all stainless steel cabinets kitchen manufactures are the same. Therefore, the owner may want to start their search by looking for some of the most popular manufactures in the industry. The owner should look for kitchen cabinet manufactures that are well-known for their designs, materials, quality as well as their elegance.

shiny stainless steel cabinets kitchen

Long-Term Investments

While some homeowners may be hesitant to pursue stainless steel kitchen cabinets as a viable alternative because of the cost, others may choose to continue their search because they may see these types of cabinets as a long-term investment. As a general rule of thumb, most people will find that the most quality products are quite expensive. Therefore, the owner may have to dig deep in their pockets to complete the kitchen renovation.

To minimize the impact on the budget, however, the owner of the home can shop around for discounts via cabinets direct wholesale. In fact, the end of the year is often an excellent time to shop around since the older model prices are being slashed significantly. Many times the retail stores are reducing the prices quite substantially so that the newer stainless material cabinets are being moved to forefront of the showroom floor. Therefore, people who like to take advantage of these discounts are often ready to buy what they need and want.

simple stainless steel commercial kitchen cabinets

Reasons for Choosing Stainless Materials

Some people prefer the latest types of stainless cabinets and appliances because they give their kitchens a more modern appearance. Though this may be true, there are still a wide host of other reasons why stainless steel is often preferred to wooden cabinets. For instance, by buying stainless materials, the owner will also have an opportunity to coordinate all of the other appliances in the kitchen to create the look that they want. From buying silver kettles and toasters to purchasing stainless steel stoves and refrigerators, some owners like everything in their kitchens to match perfectly.

Custom Cabinet Doors

From time to time, people get in touch with their designer sides. There are times that they will feel un-contented with what they are seeing in their homes, and at times may result into radical renovation or a full on radical makeover in their homes. But there are measures that they can take that are really cost effective and need not be expensive in monetary sorts. A common interior designing problem falls to the custom cabinet doors used for the kitchen cabinet. There are those custom cabinet doors that people can just buy, there are times that matching it with a good cabinet may seem a bad idea because it will not fit or will not match the color, especially when using wooden cabinet doors.

best custom cabinet doors

Using alternative custom cabinet doors

There are tons of choices for cabinet doors to be used in kitchen cabinets, and there are those inexpensive options that just needed to be explored by the homeowner or the people who are in charge of the interior design of the home. Here are some alternative custom cabinet doors that can be used for interior designed cabinets for kitchen.

Custom glass cabinet doors. There are pros and cons with this material.

best custom glass cabinet doors

  • This material is elegant for a kitchen cabinet, let alone it is easy to install and even easy to clean than its wooden counterpart. It is even easier to see what is inside the cabinet especially when people are in a hurry when they are cooking, at least they will not go to the trouble of opening a cabinet only to find out that what they are looking for isn’t there.

  • The cons for this material are that, the designers cannot use this material just like a snap tool, all because they have to think about the children running around the house. Glass is a very sensitive material and building block, unless the glass has been treated to be like a safety glass that will not just shatter on small impacts, then it is good. Another con for this is that treated glass is relatively heavy, so an extra support may be needed to house the glass door for the kitchen cabinet.

best custom kitchen cabinet doors

  • Another alternative is using custom unfinished cabinet doors, which may give the best flexibility into giving more design ideas by the homeowner or the interior designer. The advantage to this material is that the designers can just add more details so that it will match the cabinet as to where it will be installed. It is even cheaper than most materials and it can come into other materials as well, like glass, wood, lightweight board, or in some radical cases, made of carbon fiber.

Alternative Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for alternative materials that can be used for home and custom kitchen cabinet doors is not that hard to do. And in some cases using the alternative materials stated above can most of the time save time and money for the designers. There are too many possibilities of pros the homeowner can find in these alternatives. It is always the best way of thinking to include alternative materials that needs to be used in constructing cabinets, tables and many more, just like the doors for the rooms as well.

durable cabinets direct

With all elements in mind like alternate materials needed, there is another thing to realize for the how owner and that is looking for people that are reliable in doing their jobs into constructing a good cabinet set or even a cabinet that isn’t bulky and pleasant to be seen as well. Reliable people are always the best choice to get when doing interior things like these because DIY are always considered as hard work, especially to working professionals where they might not find the time to do the construction. Reliable people or companies such as cabinets direct are considered as a reliable supplier of cabinets in the kitchen, especially those homeowners that are planning a renovation in their kitchen. Having reliable people work is a time and money saving move for the homeowner where they will not spend more than what they need to spend on constructions and installations because of poor workmanship.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

A striking difference between contemporary kitchen cabinets and traditional kitchen cabinets is the simplicity in lines and panels. Traditional kitchen cabinets were invariably more ornate with more carving on wood. Even more recent traditional cabinets continue to emphasize certain designs such as rectangles or squares with chiseled and undulating borders. Though glass was used even in traditional kitchen cabinets, its presence was not noticeable because of the dark colored wood behind it. Effectively, the delicate seamless feeling that glass imparts was not there in traditional kitchen cabinets.

nice contemporary kitchen cabinets

Contemporary kitchen cabinets have also made the kitchen look less cluttered. This spaciousness is obviously because of the blending of cabinet with the surroundings, and using lighter shades in these kitchens. Less ornate cabinets seem to form a continuous line or pattern with the rest of the kitchen, which makes the kitchen seem considerably larger than it actually is. Moreover, many of the modern contemporary kitchen cabinets are modular, that is, they can be removed and rearranged as needed. It is also possible to add matching cabinet of various dimensions as and when a person can afford to purchase such cabinets and as and when such additions become necessary. These cabinets are easier to clean as well. The shelves and drawers in these are planned carefully to ensure that nothing remains on kitchen countertops, and clutters the cooking area. For examples spices may be stored in easily accessible location. Another feature of contemporary kitchen cabinets design is its versatile usage. Unlike the kitchen cabinets of the past, these contemporary varieties let users change the shelves inside to suit their needs rather than stick to predefined shelf sizes.

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Types of contemporary kitchen cabinets

Contemporary kitchens make better use of light for enhancing the elegance of the room. This includes the advantage of light that is natural, and light that is included in the kitchen with the help of bulbs and designer lamps. Contemporary kitchens allow people to include artwork within their kitchen. Kitchen cabinets found in modern kitchens are broadly classified as

  • Closed cabinets, and

  • Open cabinets

By keeping the cabinets open, the kitchen feels more spacious. Such open cabinets may also be made from wires for placing vegetables or a combination of materials. This does not mean that closed cabinets are not around. However, these may not be given as much prominence as they were given in the past. The idea is to make them seem like part of the wall rather than anything on wall. Another aspect of modern kitchen cabinets is that they are accommodated in most unexpected parts of the kitchen. Sizes of homes, and consequently kitchens have come down over a period, due to affordability factor. This is the reason innovation is part of these modern cabinets.

clear contemporary white kitchen cabinets

Materials, colors and other features

In the past, kitchen cabinets invariably meant, wood, coupled with glass. Over a period, wood laminates, particulate wood, and veneers replaced these materials partly because of cost factor, and partly because people do periodically like to remodel their homes, including kitchens. Spending substantial amounts on the wooden cabinets may mean wasting that much. Vinyl, PVC, Melamine and other plastic varieties are available for making these cabinets. Lacquer mdf is another popular material for making and painting kitchen cabinets. These may have contrasting colored geometric designs or may be of same colors as wood. Popular colors include gray, blue, beige, and white, apart from strikingly bright colors such as yellow, black, orange, many more. Simplicity is used to add elegance to the kitchen. Therefore, contemporary white kitchen cabinets are, more often than not, plain in design. At the most a thin band of black, gray, brown, chrome, or yellow may be embedded on this plain exterior of the cabinets. Other popular materials in modern times are steel and chrome plated metals. Cabinets made from such metallic materials are easier to clean, and maintain, though they can be rather expensive. The handles of the modern kitchen cabinets are usually affixed horizontally, unlike those of past, which were usually affixed vertically. Sliding opaque glass doors with etching may be used in any cabinet above which stores many things like crockery. The cabinets below the kitchen counters are the major storage units for crockery, cutlery, spoons, kitchen knives, kitchen appliances, and other vessels used in the kitchen.

simple contemporary kitchen cabinets design

Contemporary kitchens are designed by fashion designers duly considering materials, dimensions of the kitchen, contemporary appliances, many more, apart from contemporary lifestyle, and requirements of family members. Since kitchen cabinets form integral part of such kitchens these too form part of the theme for the kitchen. Companies such as Cabinets Direct specialize in contemporary kitchen cabinets, apart from other cabinet varieties.