Cherry Kitchen Cabinets: A Detailed Analysis

If you are wondering about how to make your kitchen look even more appealing to the visitors and guests then cherry kitchen cabinets provide the perfect solution. Decorating the household premises with these cabinets add a stylish outlook and at the same time are multi-functional. The brightly coloured wood has rich compositions of luster which is essential to make the people around it feel comfortable.


The cherry wood kitchen cabinets are completely formed from wood and it does not require the addition of any external features to make it appear elegant. The seasonal varieties of woods are able to provide a soothing effect on the mind. The patch pockets, swirls, streaks, pinholes and grains are the most unique features that make this type of cabinets stand out from the rest. The superlative quality of finishing touches added to the wooden surfaces; enhance the liveliness of your house.

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Black cherry kitchen cabinets account for the most exquisite styling pattern. The cabinet grains are scrutinised well before the products leave the manufacturing house. Closely weaving of the grains together gives the surface a fine texture. Besides, the reasonable pricing range is an added advantage.

Various Themes

There is also a variety of real theme colours to be chosen from. The themes are matched well with the colour tones of green, brown, gold and pink. A special feature of the cabinets includes the heartwood aspect wherein the themes change colour with reflecting sunrays. Sometimes the UV rays of the sun react with the oxygen present within the wood to form a substance called patina.

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The cabinet design can even be customized at times as per the requirements of the clients and can be intentionally imparted an orthodox outlook or made to look posh. The creamy white sapwood cabinets are pretty similar to the heartwood. The rich brown colour of the cabinets goes well with the country designs. Patina on the other hand seems to possess a nice blend of golden and brown colours along with a sandy finish.

Characteristics of Kitchen Cherry Cabinets

The red color tones offered by Cabinets Direct, a leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets add a sense of style and a feeling of affection. Subtle variations in the designing of the cabinets maintain the aesthetic balance. The significant characteristics are:

  • Matched Cabinet Stains: The cabinets are trimmed perfectly and moulded to a cherry tone carved out of the same wooden material. The reddish colour tones of the surfaces essentially go well with the other furniture of the room.

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  • Warm Colour Tones: Red, yellow and orange are some of the warm colour tones and are often paired up with cooler colour tinges like green and blue. The cluttered appearance of the surface is no longer there. Accessories and countertops of the cabinets are selected from the diverse range of options to enhance the design even further. Tiling the cabinets makes it look more compact and the paper lining in bold red gives it a clear look.

  • Neutral coloured Paints: Colors like chocolate brown; beige and cream provide a good base to the whole range of colours and can easily grab the eye of the viewer. The walls of the dark cherry kitchen cabinets are painted with neutral shades initially and the decorative features are added to it in the final stages of finishing the product.

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You are therefore advised to consider all the various parameters associated with the cherry kitchen cabinets to decorate your kitchen well enough to make a good first impression with the guests. Kitchen is an important part of the house and thus requires the consultation of a professional expert to improve its overall look and feel.