Getting: The Job Done With Stainless Steel Screws

Stainless steel screws are the most popular type of screws in today’s world. They are commonly used by boat builders, carpenters and also surgeons. They are used for securing concrete, for surgery and also for invisible deck fastenings.  They are made using 18/8 stainless steel, which is also known as type 304. This type of steel has nickel so as to form an austenite crystal structure. Austenic type of stainless steel is advantageous due to its strong and ductile features and the fact that it is very easy to shape. If you require stainless steel for corrosive environments then purchase one that has been made using 304 stainless steel also known as 304L. A lot has change when stainless steel was introduced to be used as screws. It allows a simple screw to be used in different opportunities because of its unique features.

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Popular Stainless Steel Screws

There are many different types of stainless steel screws that can be found in market today. Here are a few but common ones:

  • Stainless steel deck screws are commonly used for joining different parts of decks together, these types of screws are common due to fact that they are not prone to rust hence making them durable.
  • Stainless steel wood screws are also popular. They are usually used for joining different parts of woods into masonry or concrete works. A wooden screw has a sharp end to make penetration into surfaces easier.
  • If you are working on different types of machine that requires joining, you should go for stainless steel machine screws. They are common due to the fact that they are versatile and are durable. A machine screw has a flat end that helps in holding metals together.

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Significant Advantages and Comparisons

Stainless steel has many advantages when used in different applications. Their unique features make them the preferred material for items that are meant to last for many years. Below are advantages of using stainless steel screws over other type of screws:-

  • Stainless steel is eco-friendly since they can easily be recycled.
  • These types of screws can be used in different weather conditions since they are not corrosive.
  • They come in different type of heads making it easier to choose one that will perfectly suit your need. This is a feature that makes them popular since other types of screws do not have heads.

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Spax screws are a type of screws that are used for timber construction purpose. They can be found in grade 304 and 316. They are also used in places that require anti corrosive screws.

How To Install Screws

This is an easy job and even beginners will not have a hard time in completing a task. You can add this to your skill if you want to be a handyman at home.

  • Select a hole that is long such that it can be able to reach a stud in case you are installing weight bearing screw.
  • Mark stud with a pencil
  • Begin by drilling pilot hole that is smaller than your screw.
  • Put your screw on pilot hole and try fastening it with your hand, if it proves to be a difficult then you can use pliers for that.

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Getting stainless steel screws can be as easy or as hard as you want, take your time to source in stores or even online stores for better prices. Most important thing is to ensure you get one that perfectly suits your purpose. You will find that Cabinets Direct, a leading provider for your cabinet needs, is using different screws for their products and the screws made of stainless steel is the most preferred of them all.