The Advantages of Selecting Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

The selection of bamboo kitchen cabinets is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. This is because of the numerous advantages the material has to offer over its alternatives. The following are the benefits of selecting bamboo for kitchen cabinets.

Beauty and Style

The selection of bamboo cabinets kitchen increases the aesthetic appeal because they look good on new or remodeled kitchens. The look of bamboo resembles grass, and will increase the life of the kitchen significantly. Bamboo is available in a wide range of styles and colors, which make it possible to exercise the creativity of the homeowner to the fullest.

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It is interesting to note that many interior decorators opt for bamboo for kitchen cabinets because it gives a classic look and a contemporary look. Its elegance surpasses that offered by hardwood and other materials used for making kitchen cabinets. The colors available are grey, black, green, yellow and the natural color of bamboo which can be darkened to the preference of the homeowner. A kitchen looks natural and exotic with the selection of bamboo for is cabinets and it also compliments the looks of kitchen appliances like cookers, microwave ovens and refrigerators. Bamboo also looks good with the kitchen décor irrespective of the material used in the construction of other pieces of furniture.

Ease of Maintenance and Preservation

They are very easily cleaned when compared to other materials used to make kitchen cabinets. Regular cleaning with water or a solution recommended by an expert is all what is needed. This is in contrast to the use of chemicals for other types of materials. Regular oiling of the cabinets is also necessary to keep them looking new and to enable them to last long.

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Durability and Functionality

Although bamboo is lighter in weight when compared to other materials for kitchen cabinets, its strength and durability is highly desirable. This is because it is a hard material and does not wear easily, and offers high resistance to expansion and contraction than other types of wood. It is for this reason that many interior decorators advise using it on high traffic areas in the kitchen.

Bamboo is Eco-friendly and Highly Sustainable

Kitchen cabinets bamboo are said to be sustainable because the growth of bamboo grass is fast and easy. This means replenishing bamboo plantations results to no strain on the environment, which has suffered tremendous damage from the cutting down of hard and soft wood trees. A bamboo plantation takes approximately four years to get ready for harvesting as opposed to other types of trees that could take five or six times longer before harvesting. Bamboo is also easily biodegradable. It does not contain harmful chemicals that have the potential to pollute the environment like glass or synthetic particles.

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Affordability of Bamboo

Bamboo is fairly economical when compared to other materials that can be used to make kitchen cabinets like hard and soft woods. Bamboo kitchen cabinets costs are low due to the ease at which their plantations are replenished, which makes the material abundant in supply.


The light weight of bamboo kitchen cabinets allows homeowners to use them in and out of their homes due to the ease of transferability. This is especially where the homeowners have the option of using beach side or log cabin kitchens.

The numerous advantages of bamboo kitchen cabinets can be experienced after a careful selection. It is important to ensure that the selection is of high quality bamboo material. An inspection is necessary to keep off inferior bamboo material. It is also necessary to ensure that the finishing and bonding agents used are high quality so that the cabinets can last long.

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The selection of an appropriate color shade is also desirable if a homeowner intends to bring out the best of their kitchens. They are also advised to shop at reputable outlets like cabinets direct because they stock the best selection of kitchen cabinets at very attractive prices. There are numerous prestigious lines of cabinets to select from, that are guaranteed to add value to any home, and the company also offers professional installation to their clients. All the best as you get these into prospective for the best quality of Bamboo kitchen cabinets.