Top Countertop Ideas for Creative House Interiors

Preferences, personal touches, iconic choice of decorative items – these turn a house into home. For a homemaker, the kitchen is the most important place. You must want everything perfectly setup here. Countertops are one of the important structures you need in your kitchen. Explore different countertop ideas and find out what makes your kitchen more efficient and suitable.

Revolving Countertop Ideas to Complement Your Interior is Important

While researching ideas for your countertop, it will be great if you focus on your interior design primarily. You may have contemporary, vintage, classic, traditional, formal, eclectic, country type or any other themes revolving inside. Think what suits the base theme and customize the item according to your preferences. Let’s explore few popular countertop ideas recommended by the leading designers around the world, start looking for countertops designs at Cabinet Direct USA.

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Top 3 countertop ideas for creative house interiors

#1 Stainless Steel Countertops: These counters are the trendiest kitchen accessories in the marketplaces today. In last 10 years, these counters have slowly infiltrated residential kitchens. Since the 80’s these have been the most preferable options for restaurants and commercial kitchens. But today these durable, sturdy, non-porous counters are enticing all kinds of needs (both at residential and commercial levels). Only drawback these have is the expenses, you’ll be amazed at the sky-high price tags!

#2 Granite Countertops: Granite counters are designed to make your kitchen look elegant, creative and professional simultaneously. This is the most preferable choice for high-stake homemakers who want to anticipate a kitchen-perfect! Products made of Kashmir gold granite are ultra-expensive, but serve lifetime. You should also pay attention and maintain your countertop to keep it in perfect order. Recent arrivals in the market do have affordable price tags too! If you can afford one, most designers recommend these products for your residential kitchen.

#3 Paper Countertops: None could have thought about using paper as countertop materials for a creative kitchen. But today, it’s one of the super-creative countertops available in the market. Actually the product is made of recycled cardboard. The biggest paper counter manufacturer, Paper Stone, has explained the use of a specially obtained resin (petroleum and other heavy alkanes are filtered out) to build strong, durable and affordable cardboards for manufacturing kitchen counters. Eco-friendly and environmentally-concerned homemakers have appreciated these counters. But the drawback is you don’t have more options to discover.

DIY kitchen countertops: tips from an expert

* If you can’t afford hiring a professional countertop expert or if you wish to set out for an adventurous homemade countertop journey, you have to consider removing the pre-installed countertop first. You should learn how to remove an already installed countertop without damaging the surface.

* Once you have removed the old countertop, take measurements precisely. Decide the area, which your new countertop will cover. Take specific measurements and note them down for future references.

* In the next step, you should concentrate on different countertop components simultaneously. You have to install and modify the electric and plumbing outlets properly. Follow the measurements to identify the convenient locations to set these outlets perfectly.

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* Now, you have to focus on cutting the edges and laminating the surface. You should also think about installing suitable underlayment. You should be very careful while cutting the materials as bad finishing will spoil the look and presentation.

* Finally, it’s time to fix your counter on the surface. You have to fasten the countertop on the surface properly to avoid accidental displacements. Screws, nails, fitting equipment, clips or metal fitters can help you fix these counters properly. You should prepare the fitting accessories and methods while designing a customized countertop.

There are numerous options to choose from. Different colors and designs may match your interior simultaneously. Consider your budget, maintenance issues, regular-kitchen tasks you do and other kitchen furniture you have before purchasing or designing a countertop.