Understanding A Bathroom Vanity for A Homeowner

Bathroom vanity refers to the storage furniture that surrounds a bathroom sink or bathroom basin. It is one of the central pieces of any modern bathroom as it provides the required space for storage. There are a number of these devices available in different designs and styles and they include the ones listed below.

Prestige 36 Inch Single Vanity

It is made from solid, reliable and strong oak wood. It has a tampered counter which is made of elegant glass thus making the vanity nice looking which also makes the bathroom appealing. It is fitted with an oval seamless drop in the sink thus making it stand out.

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  • It is a single sink bathroom vanity with one large cabinet fitted with two doors.
  • The countertop of this vanity is made of tampered glass whereas the glass that is used in making the drop is integrated with the countertop. The vanity comes with a framed mirror with a faucet included. Generally, it is made of solid wood and the manufacturer gives a warranty of one year to all buyers.

Traditional Double Sink Vanity

As the name suggests, this is a double bathroom vanity cabinets derived from classic wood. The frames of this vanity are made from solid wood thus making it attractive and stunning when used in the bathroom. The style used in the manufacture of this bathroom vanity is traditional. It has a single hole for mounting the faucet. The cabinets are fitted on the sides of the vanity and usually have 2 mirrors included in the set.

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This vanity mostly comes with a white sink. The countertop of the vanity is seamless and comes with a backlash which matches with it. The under mount and overflow of the sink are made from ceramic which makes it attractive when used in the bathroom. The ceramics also enhance the life of the sink and the vanity in general.

Carlton 20 Inch Vanity

This is a type of vanity which is mostly fixed at the corner of the bathroom. They are designed in a manner that once installed; some space can be saved in the bathroom for other uses. The sink, vanity, linen tower and medicine cabinet measures differently. In overall, the vanity measures 34 Inches in length, 23 Inches in width and 37 Inches in depth. In this category, bathroom vanity tops is galala beige in color. The vanity comes in a set which includes the top, the sink and the base. The bathroom sink is China made with Carlton collection included.

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Traditions Torino 72 Inch Double Cabinets Direct

They are made in such a way that they resemble the old world vanities while using modern materials to come up with beautiful vanities. It is a double cabinet bathroom vanity made from hardwood, solid wood and plywood panels. Once it has been constructed, it is given a ten step hand finishing which makes it attractive and appealing when use in the bathroom. HDF, MDF boards are used in its manufacture meaning that the vanity is built to last not short time equipment. Bathroom vanity lights are present for use in darkness or at night. Its interior finish matches throughout. All metal hinges that are used in the vanity are heavy duty, European metals giving the vanity long life.

modern wall mounted bathroom vanity cabinets

Considering the daily routine that you are doing inside your bathroom, it is quite essential to have this vanity installed. You can make use of the available spaces where most of the time they are neglected and make your bathroom look presentable and efficient at the same time. It is a smart investment for every homeowner who wants to make use of every available space in their bathroom.