Cabinet Refacing – Easy and Quick Kitchen Makeover Option

Too tired of the old and dull kitchen cabinets ? Stuck in a dilemma whether to replace or reface? Well whether you’re planning to give a new stylish look to your kitchen or getting your house refurnished, cabinet refacing is your answer. Why replace the entire cabinet when it’s only the exterior which could be replaced?

It Simply Makes Sense

It’s the best way to get it done because first, it’s cheaper. Ever thought how much cabinet refacing cost amounts to? It’s actually not possible to pinpoint and give a particular amount but it’s approximated that it would cost to about half of the cost of getting the cabinets installed. Still saves thousands and prevents more trees from being cut down to get new cabinets, hence reducing the carbon footprint associated with it, so give your cabinets a facelift today!

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Cabinets Direct provides the best facilities for kitchen cabinet refacing at the most economical prices. Mark your kitchen with a modern look and the latest trends. If diy cabinet refacing is on your mind, you might want to reconsider once. The options are few and even though you would be able to replace the cabinet door and drawer fronts and other hardware without facing much of a problem, but the most tricky part of the refacing project would be veneering. That job requires skill and for another, wood veneer is so expensive that you cannot take a chance. Strictly speaking, cabinet refacing is a misnomer. It actually involves replacing and refacing of certain components like cabinet doors, and drawer fronts. The portion of the cabinet boxes in front is veneered with a rigid thermofoil or the common wood veneer.

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Professional service offers to complete the refacing work in 2-3 days on a schedule which includes:

  • Removal of hardware, drawer fronts and doors on the first day with beginning of the veneering work
  • Continuing the veneering on day two and finishing it on day three along with installation of new drawer fronts  and doors and installation of hardware on the same day along with final changes and adjustments.

As far as discarding the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts is concerned, that can be discussed and be in accordance with the decision of the client. The service offers to reface all kind of cabinets be it base cabinets, wall cabinets, custom fitted cabinets. Other things kept in mind before refacing is the size, the color and design of the cabinets. A home inspection is done by the company wherein the required size of the doors and fronts is noted.

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Also, it’s taken into account the color of the interiors and walls so that the installed cabinets and not in contrast. Keeping all these things in mind, the refacing work is done with high proficiency keeping the most intricate details like proper veneering in mind. The refacing is a quick, convenient way to transform your kitchen in a new remodeled look in just a fraction of a time it takes to remodel in just days rather than weeks or months, They can help you build your dream with the least disruption in your life because It is well understand that kitchen is the most important part of the house .

Modern Kitchen

If you want to start a new look for your kitchen, you can consider the cabinet refacing project. It takes a few days for the task to be completed and you will not even know that they are there because the task doesn’t take much space and effort from the concerned specialists. It is an easy task if you want to do it on your own, thus saving you a lot of money in the process.