Embellishing Your Kitchen with Customizable Unfinished Cabinets

Have you finally come to a decision to install a new set of cabinets in the kitchen? Well, there are numerous benefits you can take from unfinished cabinets. One of the biggest advantages is that unfinished kitchen cabinets make it much easier for you to modify your kitchen’s looks with the endless possibilities they hold for customization. With that in mind, you can definitely put up design ideas that will surely complement the desired decorating scheme for your kitchen. If you happen to be close-fitting with your budget, which contradicts your longing for the best, unfinished options offer the ability for one to obtain high quality materials for durable cabinet construction without bending too much for cash.

unfurnished unfinished cabinets

Unfinished is a Versatile Choice

Wholesalers and retailers of unfinished cabinets offer kitchen cabinets that come in different wood species, which are not varnished or stained. Ultimately, the cabinets are not sealed. But for what reasons? One thing is for sure – flexibility. These kinds of cabinets can allow for anyone to make the perfect style, along with the coloring and stain shading, glazing or finishing of their choosing. For example, if you love to spread a light hue, then the best way around that would be to finish an unfinished cabinet with something like light colored maple stain or clear lacquer. If you want something murky, then dark paint or even walnut stain would be the right finishing option for your cabinets.

Getting Better End Results

Each wood type has its own set of distinct properties, and that is something you should put into serious consideration as understanding each property can help determine the kind of material that befits your criteria. As far as absorbing stain goes, there is no real equality for the different woods on that matter.

how to distress unfinished wood cabinets

What determines the final color of the wood after staining is its rigidity and original shade. And that is because it is much harder to brighten wood up than to darken it. So in choosing wisely, it is essential to practice applying various stains onto samples of different types of unfinished woods. That should give you a better understanding of the possible outcome good for comparing and contrasting.

Two major things to remember:

  1. Dark wood shading includes hickory and mahogany while pine, ask, beech, elm and oak are your light colors.
  2. There is something considerably a middle ground, which entails woods like cherry, teak and rosewood.

Saving More with Unfinished Wood Cabinets

best unfinished kitchen cabinets

Apart from sheer aesthetics being the central point of buying unfinished cabinets, it is also worth knowing that you can definitely save a big deal of money than going with fully finished options. Since the cabinets happen to be unfinished, their prices are trimmed, going below the lines of what are considered expensive. Should you want to have them installed on your own, that means you are about to look at tremendous savings compared to buying fully furnished and sealed cabinets. What’s more is that there are ready-to-assemble or RTA options that make for a much easier do-it-yourself install. It is indeed a big key to pleasing redesign endeavour to your kitchen when you are able to save a good amount of your hard-earned money.

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Final Words on Choosing Quality Unfinished Cabinets

Whatever your choice of unfinished cabinetry is, whether you’d like to go for unfinished oak cabinets that are much less susceptible to water damage or something made of the finest pine material, it is still undeniable that only a good dealer can provide you with that. Cabinets Direct, which you can visit online, sets out not only the latest furnished kitchen furniture options, but also unfinished items that are made only with premium grade wood materials. 

Getting That Timeless Kitchen Aura with White Cabinets

Classic and timeless, these happen to be the most famous descriptions bestowed upon white cabinets. The reason why: they suit virtually any kind of home style and theme. Add to that the fact that white kitchen cabinets allow more liberty to playing with a long list of colors and tones on home fixtures, walls, and flooring.

If you are contemplating the thought of having new cabinets installed or you’re only after changing the colors of your old ones, then think of themes or that appeal to you. There are several options you can go with ranging from casual and clean to contemporary and cosy, to country style to sleek modern. You can even try experimenting a bit with the texture of your cabinets. For instance, making imperfections can turn plain, regular cabinets into impressive pieces of furniture.

exquisite white kitchen cabinets

Antique White Cabinets

Rather than settling with the simplest white paint color right away, try thinking of creating textures, like glazed or distressed white instead. Distressing the cabinets requires only a few things to do; scratching them mildly and banging them upright after you’ve coated them white. If you have natural wood cabinets, the best way to showing them through is by not applying a base paint coat. Just do the white paint coating process, and then leave the cabinets for around twelve hours to dry. To even out the paint job on the handles, use sandpaper. You can also use that sandpaper to rounding off the sharp edges of the cabinets.

When creating dents and deep scratches on the white cabinets, you can use a key or a hammer. Once done with the distressing part, proceed with varnishing so as to give the wood and the newly applied paint long-lasting protection. If done precisely, a stunning, authentic look for your cabinets can be grasped. The best part: you did it yourself.

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White Kitchen Cabinet Makers

You are always free to go with ordering new cabinets from any manufacturers that does business online, for as long as you have enough budgets for it. While there are several stores available, you might want to check Cabinets Direct. They keep themselves abreast with the latest themes, designs, and styles so that they can set out modern choices on the platter for their clients. White cabinet options are not an exception to that. Nonetheless, pick white storage cabinets where functionality and aesthetic magnificence come together in the most likeable fashion.

best countertop white cabinets

Coloring Techniques to Follow

Creativity is important in the process of redesigning your kitchen. White colored cabinets may be the simplest choice available, but you can do some improvising and you will be surprised by the seemingly endless combinations that can be put up. You can combine the cabinets with black marble countertops and a few other black furniture pieces like chairs or stools, and black appliances. The reason why you should go with this approach: Black and white designs can make a rather formal atmosphere within the kitchen area.

best antique white cabinets

Additional Tips to Beautify the Area around White Cabinets

In order to get the best results, try coating your kitchen walls with light colors like rose pink or mint green. If your kitchen has an Italian style, then applying warmer hues would be the perfect way around it. The colors recommended would be almond and sand. If you are able to follow these easy tips well, it wouldn’t be impossible to get a new and brighter kitchen area that would be pleasing to the eyes of your family. By then, your kitchen experience will never be the same – it is better than you have ever had.

The Different Staples of Oak Cabinets

Are you planning to design a kitchen? Or are you going to give your old one an updated look? Either way, cabinets are your key to make a great impression. With so many styles to choose from, oak cabinets are capable of brightening the overall look of your kitchen.

Advantages of oak kitchen cabinets

There are people who assume that oak cabinets really work only for traditional or country style kitchens. Sure they look fine in those kinds of kitchens, but they can actually blend well in just about any décor style of your choice. It is really easy to alter the look of your kitchen through the use of different hardware and door frames styles available for oak type cabinets. Apart from that, here are four more notable qualities of oak:

sturdy unfinished oak cabinets

  • Appearance

Oak wood is attractive, mainly due to its fine grain. No matter what kind of stain you apply to it, the grain will remain visible to the eye – a great advantage.

  • Durability

Oak wood is purely solid with density much greater compared to other woods. That basically means oak cabinets have high life spans. This is very important in the kitchen setting because of the extreme conditions the cabinets are exposed to such as steam, water and a couple others that can lead to damages.

natural oak cabinets

  • Price and Resale Value

While oak is cheaper than other woods, oak made cabinets can be resold in higher values because of their strong demand in today’s market. In that sense, oak as cabinets make great investment entities.

For a modern kitchen

What are in these days are the sleek oak kitchen cabinets that do not have knobs or handles. This provides the kitchen with a sleek and clean look befitting gorgeously with contemporary decors. If you seek a rather traditional look, then pick your bet among cabinets with differently styled doors.

Two types of oak made cabinets

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There are two construction styles available for these cabinets: framed and full access. The full access cabinets come with ample inner space, big rollout shelves, as well as larger drawers. The hinges of the doors are completely hidden, overlaying the cabinet, which gives the cabinet an unbroken charming appearance. On the other hand, the framed type is considered traditional. A frontal frame is applied on the cabinet box, with it being visible in the middle of the doors.

Unfinished oak cabinets

What better ways can you make a unique and distinctive kitchen other than being able to express yourself? On that note, unfinished oak kitchen cabinets, especially from Cabinets Direct, surely do the trick. Here are three reasons why:

  • Oak has a light color enabling you to gain control of the stain’s darkness.
  • Oak, being an economic choice, can be stained to look like more expensive choices such as cherry and mahogany wood.
  • Unlike other wood types, oak can be glazed with almost any color and finished with medium, frost and natural finishes.

best oak kitchen cabinets

Simply put, oak is a versatile type of wood, perfect for any furniture item including kitchen cabinets.

Final words on staining oak cabinets

After knowing the kind of oak cabinet you want to put up into the kitchen, you should then be ready to determine the right paint color to the kitchen walls. But before then, staining your oak cabinets with an invitingly warm color can brighten up other elements in the kitchen. Top three choice color shadings would be orange, red and yellow. As per other expert decorators, a yellow-based green, terracotta reds and cork inspired yellows are recommended for a much prestigious ambiance. As a tip to finding the best color for you, you need to do a bit of double checking by getting samples of the paint first and seeing how they are when dried.  

Bath Cabinets as Vanity and Functional Bathroom Elements

Bathing is an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. It’s how people get the kind of push and refreshment they need to get going for work, school and to other places. Like bathing, updating your bathroom is just as important. The best place to begin with would be the bath cabinets.

Bath Storage Cabinets

In recent times, bath cabinets are used for describing any cabinet specifically designed for bathroom use. They can either be the typical large wall or tall storage cabinets. In more luxurious settings, bathroom cabinets can have combined purposes. A good example would be a cabinet that serves as a bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, and as a countertop – all these in one unit. Sometimes, these cabinets run a measure of over 21 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 32 inches tall.sophisticated cabinets direct

Bath Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom vanities are a vital element of every bathroom. They can add up some drama to what decors and overall design ideas applied. Bath sink cabinets give countertop space, which serve as a hub for great storage beneath, the faucets, and the sink. It’s just amazing how bath cabinets and the storage space are often left out during the planning phase. It is imperative for every bathroom to have a certain space – accessible to all – where everything is placed. Bath vanity cabinets also allow for a well-organized and less cluttered bathroom area.

Storage cabinets can help organize personal beauty items in the bathroom such as hygiene products, makeup, lotions and a lot more. In order to turn your bathroom into something really pleasing to the eye, it is a must to apply the right bathroom cabinet style. There are several various bath storage cabinet designs that would fit different home decors. Whether it’s a condominium unit, a simply structured house or a mansion type home you have, home furnishing makers, like Cabinets Direct, are able to offer the most brilliant storage cabinets that befit your bathroom needs. Here are some good examples:

exquisite bath vanity cabinets

  • Corner cabinets

For a limited bathroom space in a home for a family of five, bath corner cabinets make the perfect deal. The installation requires the cabinets to face the shower room; a setting which would retain the floor space available. So this is basically a minimalist choice that can make your bathroom much less cluttered.

  • Floor Cabinets

This choice is more typical on a larger bathroom setting. It can provide an elegant appearance without compromising the floor space available.

elegant bath cabinets

  • Mirror Cabinets

A mirror cabinet is a combination of storage and medicine cabinets. It is ideally installed right above the bathroom sink, which forms a simple elegant style. The right positioning of this kind of cabinet can also give a professional look.

Master Bath Cabinets

Master baths usually have double sinks in them – a design that can accommodate two people and fill in the space. Master bathroom cabinets come in different wood types, the most popular choices being walnut, mahogany, oak, cherry, and birch. These wood types have the power to make a modern look. Nonetheless, the matching hardware, design, and the finishing designs are the three major elements that are truly capable of putting up the chicness.

durable bath storage cabinets

Bath Cabinet: Your Ultimate Storage and Decorating Solution

Nowadays, bath cabinets don’t just play as simple boxes of storage for your personal belongings. Instead, they are now vital additions to the bathroom for the simple reason of being able to incorporate style and absolute functionality altogether. Since there aren’t really much elements found within the area, every little tweak you make can really create a certain kind of impact – and modifications for the bathroom cabinets are not an exception to that.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Door Styles That You Might Like

The best way to determine the best ready-to-assemble cabinets is to get a thorough understanding of what styles are available. The ideal design would become much easier to pattern if the various cabinet door styles are examined first. Perhaps these different cabinet doors are considerably introductive surface elements to cabinets, which help provide the absolute imprint of the kitchen. Doors do not only give functionality to your cabinets, they can also boost aesthetic qualities. Furthermore, knowing the different styles allow you to have a better definition of the impact each can give off to the surrounding kitchen area.

best cabinet door styles

Popular Styles of Cabinet Doors

Here is a quick glimpse at the available styles on cabinet doors to date:

  • Cabinet Door Styles Shaker

Traditional and simple, these are the expressions of shaker style doors. The features of these would include a raised external panel and sharply defined edges. As one of the simplest cabinet door styles, shaker doors come with no fancy detailing such as curves. They are also rectangular shaped, lying flat by the cabinets so as to give a simple, clean look.

The installation of raised panel doors is relatively easy in contrast to its common notion of being otherwise. Frame and panel mechanism are employed in making these doors. This kind of construction supports the prevention of moisture damage on the kind of wood the doors are made of. This style features flat, sturdy frames – and that is acquired through coping and sticking methods. When making raised panel doors, you have to put in mind the two different bits that must be involved in the process: vertical and horizontal. While the end products are basically the same, the means for one to get these are profoundly different. Usually, vertical doors are much easier and seemingly safer to use granted the blade does appear smaller. With the vertical bit, the horizontal bit can be started with by placing the longest axis into an upright position.

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  • Bathroom Cabinet Door Styles

Bathroom cabinets are available in four different types: single doors, double doors, triple doors, and mirrored doors. And these are briefly discussed below.

Bathroom Cabinet Door Types


  • Single Doors

Solo door bathroom cabinets are the usual addition into most bathrooms. With the simple design they possess, they can complement bathrooms well without effort. It is easiest to add a low-key or minimalist flair into the surroundings with this kind of cabinet door style. While it makes for an effective storage option, this style is best used in a compact bathroom.

best raised panel cabinet door styles

  • Double Doors

Dual doors can make certain a boldly focal feature within the bathroom. They make impressive statements and offer more storage space compared to single door cabinets.

  • Triple Doors

Like double doors, triple doors offer much ample storage space. It is an ideal option for families who want to set labels and sections for each member. That way, messy clutters can be avoided in the most effective fashion.

  • Mirrored Doors

Mirrored doors are most popular for their multifunctional features and aesthetic appeal. The doors serve two different purposes: keeping secure what’s on the inside and as a mirror on the outside, assisting virtually all morning routines.

diy white kitchen cabinet doors

This style is available in single and double doors. Mirrored doors also branch out to another sleek style, and that would be slide mirror doors, which do cost a bit more due to the much complex installation method.

The Choice Lies in Your Hands

Your choice of cabinet door styles will either make or break the artistic appearance of your surroundings, particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. By knowing the functional and physical distinctions of each style, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the most ideal option from Cabinets Direct.