Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Building your house will require some serious planning especially if you are also planning to spend the rest of your life living in one house. The kitchen is the place of the home that needs special and careful planning because it is the most used area of the house. Rustic kitchen cabinets are beautiful additions for any kitchen. It resembles a classic elegance and sturdy organization of cabinets and cupboards.

stylish rustic kitchen cabinets

Rustic kitchen design ideas are popular in the early days from the 18th century. Modern kitchen designs have also evolved with more options for wood panels used in furniture and cabinetry while in addition technology has made more wood colors to match the elusive taste of color and style of modern homemakers.

Kitchen Cabinet Wood Types

Different wood types are used to make rustic kitchen cabinets. Each type of wood has a unique effect on its appearance. Here are some of the woods used to make beautiful kitchen cabinet ensemble.

Hickory Wood

This type of wood is one of the hardest, strongest and heaviest woods available to make gorgeous rustic hickory kitchen cabinets. This wood has natural streaks that create one of a kind accent and prominent colors to your cabinetry. You can choose from light cream to dark red brown to as dark as black which can also be altered using natural light stains.

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Maple Wood

Maple wood has a dainty, even appearance that produces a smooth, spotless look when stained. It is very popular for its strong resistance to shock. Another feature of maple wood is its durability with a curly, wavy or straight grain. Compared to other wood material like cedar and cherry, maple wood can be refinished to look like softwoods and hardwoods. Maple wood is great choice of wood to make rustic maple kitchen cabinets for airy or dramatic kitchen with duskier finishes.

Pine Wood

Using pine wood in making rustic pine kitchen cabinets is also a great choice in building your kitchen cabinetry or remodeling your old beat up kitchen cabinets. Pine wood is easily accessible because it is affordable. It is also carved or cut, accepts paint easily and appears to have creative knots. Pine wood has a light color yellow or white in nature.

decorating rustic hickory kitchen cabinets

Things to Consider in Choosing the Wood


Soft wood and hard wood are the two types of wood used to make furniture.


The natural color of the wood can be altered. You can have light colored kitchen cabinets or dark colored hues using stains.


Wood has its natural texture, alignment and patterns appearing on its surface when you cut it midway. Each tree has distinct markers and grain patterns making it distinguished design. These lines and patterns can form straight, fine, spiral, cross, arch and curly.

great rustic maple kitchen cabinets

There are many shops offering different wood panels to complete your rustic kitchen cabinets and many professional services to install to your kitchen. Cabinets Direct is one of the many companies that specialize in furniture and cabinetry. Having a professional build your kitchen cabinets can be costly but it can also be a wise investment and worth of every penny. Professionally done houses are more durable and better planned than do it yourself remodeling and renovation of the house. Discounted kitchen cabinet materials and installation are often offered by various online websites.

A beautiful and organized house is important factor in raising a family. With the many options and designs in making a house, you are assured there is that style that suits you best and meets the needs of your family. Giving importance to the dining area should be a priority because it is the place where family bonding always happens.

The Advantages of Selecting Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

The selection of bamboo kitchen cabinets is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. This is because of the numerous advantages the material has to offer over its alternatives. The following are the benefits of selecting bamboo for kitchen cabinets.

Beauty and Style

The selection of bamboo cabinets kitchen increases the aesthetic appeal because they look good on new or remodeled kitchens. The look of bamboo resembles grass, and will increase the life of the kitchen significantly. Bamboo is available in a wide range of styles and colors, which make it possible to exercise the creativity of the homeowner to the fullest.

nice bamboo kitchen cabinets

It is interesting to note that many interior decorators opt for bamboo for kitchen cabinets because it gives a classic look and a contemporary look. Its elegance surpasses that offered by hardwood and other materials used for making kitchen cabinets. The colors available are grey, black, green, yellow and the natural color of bamboo which can be darkened to the preference of the homeowner. A kitchen looks natural and exotic with the selection of bamboo for is cabinets and it also compliments the looks of kitchen appliances like cookers, microwave ovens and refrigerators. Bamboo also looks good with the kitchen décor irrespective of the material used in the construction of other pieces of furniture.

Ease of Maintenance and Preservation

They are very easily cleaned when compared to other materials used to make kitchen cabinets. Regular cleaning with water or a solution recommended by an expert is all what is needed. This is in contrast to the use of chemicals for other types of materials. Regular oiling of the cabinets is also necessary to keep them looking new and to enable them to last long.

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Durability and Functionality

Although bamboo is lighter in weight when compared to other materials for kitchen cabinets, its strength and durability is highly desirable. This is because it is a hard material and does not wear easily, and offers high resistance to expansion and contraction than other types of wood. It is for this reason that many interior decorators advise using it on high traffic areas in the kitchen.

Bamboo is Eco-friendly and Highly Sustainable

Kitchen cabinets bamboo are said to be sustainable because the growth of bamboo grass is fast and easy. This means replenishing bamboo plantations results to no strain on the environment, which has suffered tremendous damage from the cutting down of hard and soft wood trees. A bamboo plantation takes approximately four years to get ready for harvesting as opposed to other types of trees that could take five or six times longer before harvesting. Bamboo is also easily biodegradable. It does not contain harmful chemicals that have the potential to pollute the environment like glass or synthetic particles.

designed bamboo cabinets kitchen

Affordability of Bamboo

Bamboo is fairly economical when compared to other materials that can be used to make kitchen cabinets like hard and soft woods. Bamboo kitchen cabinets costs are low due to the ease at which their plantations are replenished, which makes the material abundant in supply.


The light weight of bamboo kitchen cabinets allows homeowners to use them in and out of their homes due to the ease of transferability. This is especially where the homeowners have the option of using beach side or log cabin kitchens.

The numerous advantages of bamboo kitchen cabinets can be experienced after a careful selection. It is important to ensure that the selection is of high quality bamboo material. An inspection is necessary to keep off inferior bamboo material. It is also necessary to ensure that the finishing and bonding agents used are high quality so that the cabinets can last long.

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The selection of an appropriate color shade is also desirable if a homeowner intends to bring out the best of their kitchens. They are also advised to shop at reputable outlets like cabinets direct because they stock the best selection of kitchen cabinets at very attractive prices. There are numerous prestigious lines of cabinets to select from, that are guaranteed to add value to any home, and the company also offers professional installation to their clients. All the best as you get these into prospective for the best quality of Bamboo kitchen cabinets.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinets are currently among the most preferred cabinets. This can be attributed to the fact that they are less expensive as the buyer can save up to 70% of the total cost. In addition, most of the middlemen are cut out as the clients are able to make an order directly without involving a third party. They are therefore guaranteed of high quality and affordable products. Unlike other types of cabinets, wood kitchen cabinets are relatively easier to assemble and install. They can also be customized as per the needs of the client. Some of the custom options include;

  • The intricate corbels, 

  • Distinctive crown moldings and 

  • Turn posts.

    nice wood kitchen cabinets

With these types of cabinets, the buyer is usually presented with different finishes to choose from. This makes it easier for anyone to choose the design that matches his/her kitchen. It is also possible to purchase the ready to assemble or the already assembled cabinets. Once the order is placed the cabinets are delivered within a very short time. This makes it easier for the contractors, builders and remodeling companies to carry out their operations.

The cabinets are characterized by a solid face frame, drawers, doors, and plywood boxes with a reliable and stylish finish. This makes the kitchen to look like a custom crafted masterpiece. If the buyer is not conversant with the different layouts and designs, he/she can be assisted. They are the best and most convenient cabinets for adding storage space or replacing outdated cabinetry.

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Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are made of an exceptionally strong material that makes them to last longer than those made of engineered wood. Unlike the engineered wood products which are made by binding together wood strands, veneers and fibers with adhesives, solid wood does not have hollow spaces. Some of the engineered wood includes plywood, oriented strand board and fiber board.


  • The cabinets that are made of solid wood appear more attractive than fiberboard which may be enhanced by veneer or other overlays like vinyl or Formica. 

  • Solid wood is also stronger than fiberboard. Unlike other engineered woods, it does not disintegrate when it gets wet.

  • Solid wood is more resistant to fire than the engineered woods. This quality makes it suitable for making kitchen cabinets.

    small solid wood kitchen cabinets


Solid wood as a material for making kitchen cabinets has its own disadvantages, which include the following;

  • It is expensive; unlike the engineered wood which can be made from wood chips or sawdust, solid wood requires a large section of wood that does not have defects.

  • Solid wood is heavier and this makes it hard to move the cabinet.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood has a long and distinguished history in fine cabinetry due to its superior woodworking qualities. Some of the unique characteristics of cherry wood kitchen cabinets include the following;

  • Color: It has a rich reddish-brown color which tends to darken with age or when exposed to sunlight.

  • Grain: The wood is smooth, straight-grained, and shiny. This makes the cabinet attractive.

  • It is light, strong and durable. These characteristics make it suitable for making kitchen cabinets as such cabinets are easily portable and long lasting.

  • The wood has a unique uniform texture which gives the cabinet a perfect finish.

    installed cherry wood kitchen cabinets

Dark wood Kitchen Cabinets

Dark wood kitchen cabinets add elegance to the kitchen, giving it a different look and hue. There are a variety of dark wood types which come in different shades of brown. A good example is ebony, which is incredibly dark. The other dark wood choices include hickory, mahogany and walnut. The different types vary significantly in price as some are rarer and hence more expensive than others. In some cases, lighter wood may be darkened by staining. The stain is usually applied on the wood using a brush just like normal paint. Various coats may be applied so as to achieve the desired results. The stain also tends to protect the cabinet from aging and weathering.

Since dark colors tend to visually shrink a room, dark wood cabinets are suitable for dark large or medium sized kitchens with sufficient lighting. These kinds of cabinets require frequent cleaning as dust tends to stand out visually on a darker surface.

Cabinets direct, has a collection of wood kitchen cabinets that are suitable for any kitchen and can be customized as per the needs of the client. Here one can find high quality and affordable cabinets.

What It Takes To Have The Best Painted Kitchen Cabinets

The elegance and beauty of painted kitchen cabinets can never be underrated. Kitchen cabinets play an important role of storing items safely and also augmenting the kitchen as well as the surrounding space. A well kept kitchen makes the owner proud and also creates a conducive living environment. However, kitchen cabinets will lose their appeal overtime. This may be caused by regular usage, as well as normal wear and tear. The best way to breathe new life to the cabinets is by painting. In order to carry out a successful kitchen cabinet repainting exercise, it is necessary to consider some factors.

about painted kitchen cabinets

Type of Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets ideas cover a lot of aspects. One of the main considerations is the type of cabinet that is to be worked on. Different materials require different handling. Some will be much easier to work on, while others will require a bit of experience and expertise. Using the right method on the wrong kitchen cabinet will offer undesirable results. It is always important to research the methods in relation to type of surface. For instance wooden cabinets may require a bit of sanding, staining, and finally applying a clear coat to achieve the desired look. Veneer cabinets do not require staining, and they are much easier to work on.

Types of Paint

There are many different types of paints that are suitable for kitchen cabinets. Some paints are thinned using water, while others require special solvents such as white spirit, mineral spirit, or paint thinners. Some paints will also offer glossy or glassy appearance, while others will have a matte effect. It is therefore necessary to consider personal preferences, the kitchen design, and also the environment when selecting the paint. A person looking to have a very lustrous cabinet such as black painted kitchen cabinets may find acrylic or nitrocellulose paints ideal. A person who desires the rustic appeal will find single stage or base coats suitable.

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Color Matching

Modern kitchen cabinets have greatly changed from what they used to be like a few years back. Initially, the cabinets were preferred in a mono color for instance white painted kitchen cabinets. However, this trend has changed overtime. People are experimenting with colors and designs in an attempt to achieve the best setup. Small kitchens are normally painted white as a way of complementing the space. However, if the desire is to make the kitchen space seems larger, bold and warm colors are used. Personal character also determines the final effect. Conservative and more laid back people prefer cool colors, while the more outgoing prefer warmer colors and vibrant designs.

Application Process

Painting is not a one-off process. It is a series of activities that prepare the surface for paint application. The procedure will vary according to the surface and also the extent of damage. A lightly faded surface may only require a coat of paint. A badly damaged surface that has rotten sections, dents, and crevices will require more work and time. At times, it is always economical to replace badly worn-out cabinet doors with cabinets direct from a dealer rather than trying to repair the damaged sections. Dark colored cabinets are always very appealing as compared to light colored cabinets, but they also tend to fade much faster and also require more work to restore.

about painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Painting Technique

Coming up with appropriate painted kitchen cabinets will also be influenced by the restorative technique. The method will depend on the paint or stain used, the proficiency of the person undertaking the exercise, as well as the equipment. Dark colors will come out well by using dark primer surfaces, while lighter colors go well with light primers. Spray painting using a high volume low pressure spray gun brings out more elegance as compared to using a brush or roller. It is also becoming necessary to use techniques that are user and eco-friendly.

colored white painted kitchen cabinets

All the different ways of undertaking kitchen cabinet restoration seek to improve practicability and aesthetic appeal. A proper exercise will achieve this in a cost effective and time efficient manner. The best approach to achieving beautiful kitchen cabinets entails undertaking a detailed analysis, and also exercising patience. Doing so assures a home owner of high quality painted kitchen cabinets that are durable and also suitable for day to day use.

5 Guidelines When Buying Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important facilities at home. Unlike in the past, when the kitchen was just used for cooking purpose, in the modern days kitchen plays other important roles such as storage or even resting places. This calls for a need for the kitchen to be well build and planned to serve the purpose well. It also needs to be elegant in order to make the entire home attractive not only to you, but also to the visitors. Oak Kitchen cabinets are becoming very popular among many homeowners because of their high quality and elegance. You can find them in a wide range of colors and models in the market. Therefore, you have the freedom and several options to select the one that you like for your kitchen. Below are guidelines you need to follow when selecting them in order to purchase the best.

nice oak kitchen cabinets

Look at the available styles and options

It is good to note that kitchen cabinets can change the entire look of a room; therefore it is important to consider the styles available in the market in order to find the ones that will make your room look better. Look at the style that will match well with your kitchen and ensure that the quality of the oak used to make the cabinets is of high quality in order for it to last for a long time. You can either select assembled or custom made ones according to what you want.

Size of your kitchen space

Oak kitchen cabinets are sold at different sizes. Therefore, before buying it is important to determine the size of your kitchen in order to buy the ones that will fit well to avoid making the kitchen look overcrowded. Customized oak cabinets will be the best because they will match all your kitchen needs and space.

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Have a well planned budget

As a home owner you need consider that you might not be able to change your cabinets regularly, therefore you need to calculate your budget effectively. You also need to know that refinishing oak kitchen cabinets can be also be expensive, therefore ensure that the kitchen cabinets you want to buy are worth. If you are not sure on the best cabinets to buy, you can seek help from another person with more knowledge. The good thing is that most of the firms that offer the cabinets such as cabinets direct offer free customer advice when doing the shopping in order to help the customers make informed decisions when buying the cabinets.

Would you like to do remodeling? 

When you buy the oak kitchen cabinets it is good to consider whether you would like to remodel them in the future instead of buying new ones. You can remodel the kitchen cabinets by changing their designs although this requires you to hire an expert to do the work. Painting oak kitchen cabinets has become one of the most popular ways of remodeling the kitchen cabinets because it is a cheap process. Therefore, if you would wish to repaint them, ensure that you select cabinets that can be painted easily. Remodeling the kitchen cabinets can help you save a lot of money instead of buying new ones.

ideal painting oak kitchen cabinets

Try to be unique

There is nothing good as your kitchen looking unique from others. This does not only make it more attractive, but also adds value to your home because of that distinctiveness. You can decide to hire a designer who can build the kitchen cabinets according to your specific needs. Another popular way to have unique kitchen cabinets is by purchasing unfinished oak kitchen cabinets that make kitchens look elegant and unique. The unfinished kitchen cabinets also allow you to exercise your individuality. There are many cabinet stores that offer the unfinished cabinets where you can buy the ones that fit your preference and needs at an affordable price.

simple unfinished oak kitchen cabinets

By following the above guidelines, you stand high chances of buying oak kitchen cabinets that will make your kitchen have a modern and elegant look. Because of the durability of oak the kitchen cabinets will also add value to your home, in case you would like to resell it in the future. However, if you do not have experience in buying them always seek assistance from an expert in order to get the best deal.

Functionally Elegant Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The best thing about modern kitchen cabinets is that they make the kitchen seem more spacious, without compromising on style. This effect is achieved partly by blending with the color scheme of the room, and partly by using flush cabinet doors. In contrast, traditional kitchen cabinets invariably had doors with some carving or designs on them, which disturbs the room’s plainness, and makes it look crowded. Another difference between modern kitchen cabinets and traditional ones is the way these cabinets are located. Traditional kitchen cabinets were more often than not affixed randomly without considering whether they were encroaching on any room space. Unlike them, the contemporary kitchen cabinet unit itself is leveled as far as possible so that these cabinets do not seem to be protruding into the room’s space. In general, these kitchen cabinets have a “no nonsense” look about them.

designed modern kitchen cabinets

Commonly Used Materials

Stainless steel has entered the modern kitchen cabinets design, as have other chrome plated and powder coated metals. Glass has been elevated from its otherwise obscure position in kitchen interiors to a respectable level. Traditionally favored material, i.e., wood is usually substituted by other contemporary materials such as plywood, plastics, particle boards, and veneers. The few contemporary wooden kitchen cabinets around conform to the modern appearance rather than the ornate look. A blend of materials such as stainless steel and plywood may also be used in these cabinets.

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Color Selection

There are no restrictions on contemporary kitchen cabinets’ colors. This is the reason, cabinets made from unusual colors such as yellow and red are not uncommon nowadays. Contemporary interior designers, however, tend to be partial towards colors such as white, gray, blue, and a combination of such colors. The reason could be the need to ensure that the cabinet colors and the colors of appliances in the kitchen such as refrigerator, blender, and cooking range among others , blend. This does explain the existence of large range of modern white kitchen cabinets. It is also not surprising to find such white colored kitchen cabinets adjacent to a recess that is painted in dark color, but has a few shelves in it for placing spices in accessible position. The attempt is to make the kitchen appear less cluttered, and tidy with permutations and combinations of such colors. White lines also blend easily with the stainless steel color of oven, and stainless steel kitchen sink.

old class mid century modern kitchen cabinets

The Available Designs

Apart from doing away with carving on wood, modern interior decorators have also improved the way these kitchen cabinets are attached. In many of the traditional kitchen cabinets, hinges can be seen from outside. These have completely gone inside now or at the worst, they are beautifully camouflaged to give a seamless appearance. The knobs and handles found on traditional cabinets have been replaced by horizontal or vertical handles. These are easy to clean flat or cylindrical varieties, without any ornate feature. Moreover, modern kitchen cabinets are laid out in a striking pattern as far as possible so that such handles add to their beauty. Heights and widths of these cabinets have been experimented with. Conventionally, neither did kitchen cabinets have considerably wide doors and shelves, nor were they as high as the entire kitchen cabinet unit. But the modern counterparts of such traditional kitchen cabinets can be wider and taller. A few of the modern kitchen cabinets are self closing varieties as well.

pure modern white kitchen cabinets

Functionality and Starkness

These stark contemporary cabinets for kitchen are also well planned internally. There is flexibility in their shelves allowing for storage of different types of things and appliances used in kitchen. Effectively, it is up to the user to define the distance between two shelves or distance between the shelf and the upper end of the cabinet. Likewise, drawers for spoons, napkins, and other tools used in the kitchen are preplanned, making it easier to locate such things. There are mid century modern kitchen cabinet range as well. This may have open variety of cabinet for storing wine. Such kitchen cabinet range usually does not include many wall mounted units. Outdoor light often plays an important role in mid century modern kitchen cabinets. Since the cabinets are at lower level, due care is taken to ensure that people can see what is there in these cabinets.

Kitchens have grown smaller, whereas variety of appliances has increased. Certain level of ingenuity is needed for making people comfortable in smaller kitchens. It is also imperative that kitchen cabinets can hold the wherewithal, apart from looking attractive. This sure is a tall order, but Cabinets Direct offers all this and much more.

The Best Kitchen Cabinets Overview

Kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time. The place where you spend most of your time should always be attractive, cluster free and for making this happen, the best kitchen cabinets are very important. If you are bored of your traditional looking kitchen then you sure need to switch on to a different mode. You can update your kitchen with standard and elegant kitchen cabinets that will refresh your mood while being in the kitchen as well as will keep your things in a well managed manner.

affordable and best kitchen cabinets

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets Important?

Kitchen cabinets help you place your stuff accurately and manage your kitchen in a nice manner. They are available in various styles, materials and finishes. The best value kitchen cabinets give a very aesthetic tone to your entire kitchen. There are wide varieties of tools and accessories in kitchen. All those stuff require a proper placement. If they are misplaced here and there, you will not be able to complete your works in time on one hand, on the second hand, you will find your kitchen too messy and will not find anything accurately, and this will lead you having a huge loss of time. Thus opting for kitchen cabinets will serve you greatly. It will help you manage all your kitchen stuff without misplacing any of them, will make your kitchen look better, will save your time and will let you have a fine mood while you are working in the kitchen.

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Best kitchen cabinets through various ways provide you a better experience. The proper placement of all the kitchen tools and accessories will not irritate you, the cleanliness will not let you down, you will get huge appreciation for your choices and along with that you will find yourself in a very happy mood while staying in the kitchen. You will indeed enjoy being in the kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Cabinet More Beautiful

To make the kitchen cabinets look more elegant you certainly got to opt for the best paint for kitchen cabinets that will enlighten the entire kitchen and add elegance to it. You should always opt for a good quality paint that is durable. You also should be dependent upon the amount of light your kitchen attains while choosing the colors. If your kitchen receives ample amount of light then you can go for gloomy colors or darker shades too but if your kitchen does not receive required amount of light then it’s better to go for light and bright colors that will provide some light and brighten up your kitchen.

colorful and best paint for kitchen cabinets

Are Wood Still The Best Option?

Wooden cabinets provide your kitchen an organic mood whereas a custom made stainless steel will provide you with sophisticated contemporary vibes. It is equally important to choose the best wood for kitchen cabinets. Oak is the most durable wood. The red oak wood is neither too hard nor too soft. You can also go for other options like cherry, maple and hickory. They too are splendid options as they provide a good look, and are very durable.

Cabinets direct is one of the kitchen cabinet companies that will provide you with a great kitchen experience. Their main aim is to provide you with a perfect kitchen experience, unleashed with elegant cabinets in attractive designs. There are wide ranges of best kitchen cabinets; you can go for the one that attracts you and fits into your budget.

awesome best wood for kitchen cabinets

Beautiful cabinets add to the look of the kitchen. They give your kitchen a very pleasant look, something that will give you a pleasant experience every time when you are in the kitchen. You will no more have to deal with misplacements or any sort of such mess. Kitchen cabinets will collect appreciations from people and lead you having a great cooking experience.

How to Install DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Yes, you can always seek professional service or simply have the cabinets from Cabinets Direct delivered right in your doorstep. But where is the fun in that? If you are someone who always feels the thrill of doing things on your own, why not try building DIY kitchen cabinets as well? By doing this project, you will not only feel self fulfillment, but will potentially get additional savings at the same time.

cool diy kitchen cabinets

However, even assembling of DIY kitchen cabinets should be done with the right strategies in order to ensure that no materials will be put to waste and no effort and time will go with nothing. To ensure that cabinet construction will be done with 100% success rate, here are some guidelines that you can use when refacing kitchen cabinets DIY.

Installation Tips

  • Have a close look at the cabinets.

Not all DIY kitchen cabinets parts are created equal. Hence, you want to have a thorough examination on each of them to ensure that you are settling for a good find. So before you begin on the building business, be sure to check the product and its parts and see to it that they are complete and in good condition.

Luxurious cabinets direct

  • Remove old kitchen cabinets the right way.

Obviously, you will need to remove the existing furnishing before installing new kitchen cabinets DIY. Probably, the first thing that will come to your mind is to rip them off; but ideally, that is not the best thing to do. Instead, what you can do is take extra time and remove them one by one slowly but surely. In this manner, you will not only prevent unnecessary damages, but will also have the opportunity of using your old cabinets for different purposes.

  • Conceptualize a layout.

Keep in mind that precision is always the key when installing or even DIY painting kitchen cabinets. And, this will only be achieved once you have accurate plans ready before you begin on the installation process. To do so, set the cabinets out beforehand so that you can visualize the layout better. By going through the sides and overall design of the cabinets, you might construct more creative plans and come up with more appealing designs.

warm diy painting kitchen cabinets

  • Determine where the high spot on the walls or floors is.

Like people, no walls and floors are perfect. That being said, it always pays to know where the high spot is so that when measurements go wrong, you can always adjust with no further problems. To do this, first you need to grab a 2 by 4 and place it on the wall or floor. Then, set a 4-foot level on the ground and lift the 2 by 4 until things are leveled out. Mark this spot with a line in the wall where your DIY cabinets will be installed. Determine the specific area that has the short gap from the floor – this will be the high spot and the starting point of your cabinet installation.

  • Find your studs.

Have a look at the area of installation and try to find the studs from there. These studs will help in securing your cabinets so that they won’t fall off or go literally out of place. Ideally, you should do a short but sharp knock with every inch. And, to prevent further problems, you might want to check out a local hardware store and get studs for around $15 to $20.

simple refacing kitchen cabinets diy

  • Start installing with corner cabinets.

If you have one, you should start by installing them on top of anything else. This will be your starting point in installation; therefore, you want to make sure that corner cabinets are placed properly and securely.

  • Wall cabinets should come next.

This should be easier if you do not have base cabinets installed in the kitchen. Before installing, see to it that all drawers and cabinet doors are completely removed so that the task will be much easier and convenient for you.

  • Apply a thin coat of caulking agent.

This will be your finishing touch and the final step. Apply a thin coat of caulk on the top of the cabinet that meets the wall. Here, you may use an ordinary caulk or a clear silicone version. While the latter can be more costly than the former, the price can be worth it considering that silicone caulks are more resistant to bacteria and molds – a quality that is extremely beneficial in every kitchen.


And those were some wise tips that you can use when working on DIY kitchen cabinets. With these easy-to-follow guidelines, cabinet installation should not be a tricky task; but rather a fun activity for the whole family.

Getting Affordable Kitchen Cabinets As Gifts For A Loved One

When you are interested in getting gifts for your loved ones, items such as affordable kitchen cabinets normally don’t come to mind. However, when you are thinking of splurging on a gift that will be useful to them, this might actually be a good idea. Getting high quality but affordable kitchen cabinets is a good way to surprise your loved one, since these are gifts that are not commonly give. However, for you to get it right, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind.

simple and affordable kitchen cabinets

Dimensions in the Kitchen

Before you can get kitchen cabinets for such a setting, you need to figure out the size you need to be working with. For instance, if the kitchen is small, you may need to get shorter cabinets since the very long ones obviously won’t fit. If you decide to get such a gift, you therefore need to do some reconnaissance to ensure that you get the right cabinets. This will also make it easier for you to buy custom made cabinets from facilities such as Cabinets Direct.

stocked cabinets direct

Understand the Present Design Concept

In addition to that, you also need to get an idea of the way the kitchen has been designed. The worst thing you can do is to get affordable modern kitchen cabinets and then find that they clash with the design in the kitchen. You therefore need to take note of things such as the colors used in the kitchen, so that you can get products that will match them. If you are not sure about how to do this, you can simply find guidelines on some of the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when designing a kitchen. This way, you will have a better understanding of what to do and what to avoid.

best and affordable modern kitchen cabinets

Bill for Installation

If you are going to get these cabinets as gifts, you also need to keep in mind that it might cost money to have them installed. If the vendor is not doing this, it’s not fair to ask the recipient to foot this bill. This means that in the process of finding the best affordable kitchen cabinets for use in such a kitchen, you also need to find out how much it will cost you to install them. A good way to keep the cost of doing this down is by buying the furniture from a store that also does installation. Most of the time, they offer a discount on the latter, and in some cases may even do it for free. This way, you need not worry about very high costs.

Cabinets with Features That Make Them Useful

In addition to looks, you also need to consider function when you are interested in getting the most affordable kitchen cabinets. For instance, there are many cabinets out there that look good, but which are very difficult to clean. You need to avoid such products, since most of them end up being more of a hassle than a gift to the person you have given them to.

awesome and best affordable kitchen cabinets

When you are shopping for such items, you need to look out for a number of characteristics that will make them more useful in a kitchen. For one, they need to be very easy to clean, especially since hygiene is important in any kitchen. In addition to that, you also need to make sure that they work properly. For instance, cabinets with spring loaded mechanisms in the doors are a much better deal, since they close by themselves when you open them. This means that they promote safety in the kitchen since such doors can become obstacles.

In summary, it makes a lot of sense for anyone to get cabinets as gifts for people they love. A good example of this is when your son or daughter moves out after buying a new apartment. In such cases, chipping in to get them affordable kitchen cabinets helps them settle in without having to compromise about the quality of such furniture. It’s also one type of gif that is very thoughtful, since a lot of consideration goes behind the selection process.

Helpful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets in your kitchen can add to its style and usability as you use them for a long time for various purposes. But with the passage of time sometimes you get tired of the look of your existing kitchen cabinet. You can change the look of your kitchen either by installing a new kitchen cabinet or refurnishing the existing one to give it a new look. Buying a new kitchen cabinet is not an affordable option for everyone to change the looks of your kitchen. Refurnishing the kitchen cabinet is a cost effective method to provide new look not only to your kitchen but also to your kitchen cabinets direct. Some of the kitchen cabinet ideas provided hereunder can help you in this regard.

Preparation Tips

Kitchen cabinet painting ideas provided hereunder can help you in refurnishing your kitchen cabinet without spending a lot as per your desire.

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  • First of all you should remove the hinges and hardware from the cabinet to clean its surface from all sides thoroughly. You can use mineral spirit and soft cotton cloth for this purpose. Your paint can cover each and every defect on any surface but it cannot cover greasy and dirty surface effectively. So instead of just wiping it you should remove the grime and stains of oil and wax from it by scrubbing it thoroughly.

  • You should also clean the dents and grooves on its surface to fill them with good quality filler to provide it a smooth finish. After filling the dents you should sand it and clean the dust with cloth before painting it.

  • You can also use prime paint to conceal the stains that could not be removed after sanding it. Now apply two coats of the paint you like in your kitchen after drying each coat.

  • You can put the hinges and hardware removed from it to make it usable again.

best kitchen cabinet painting ideas

One more thing you should keep in mind while using these kitchen cabinet ideas for painting is that you should choose good quality paint for it to make it affordable for you in the long run.

Organization Ideas

Kitchen cabinet organization ideas provided hereunder will help you in refurnishing your kitchen without spending much on it.

  • First of all you should remove everything from the cabinet to clean it thoroughly to make its re-organization easy.

  • Put all the stuff removed from the cabinet on a table to let you decide about the retainable things from them.

  • You should clean the cabinet from all of its open sides including internal and external sides.

best kitchen cabinet organization ideas

  • Instead of only dusting it you should try to remove grime and oil stains from it by sanding it with a suitable sand paper.

  • Now you should put a fresh paper or cork lining in it which will keep it odor free along with enhancing its looks.

  • You can also use scented sachets or small pack of herbs and spices not only to deter insects but also to eliminate bad odors.

  • You can also buy organizing equipments to keep lots of your kitchen items in a very organized manner in your kitchen cabinet.

  • Organizers like utensil organizers and canisters can help you in keeping your utensils and groceries in a well organized manner. You can use different types of organizers for different types of utensils and other kitchen necessities.

best kitchen cabinet ideas

Refacing the kitchen cabinet can also be an option for you to help you in refurnishing your kitchen as per your desire. You can reface your kitchen cabinet by wrapping all of its inner surfaces with a thin coat of wood veneer. You can use different types of veneers for this purpose including pure white, wood grain or any other from your favorite finishes and colors. You can also use laminates to reface your kitchen cabinets externally. The professional providing services can also suggest you some kitchen cabinet refacing ideas in this regard will remove drawers, doors and their hardware before wrapping it with new veneer. After wrapping the inner of the cabinet with wood veneer its doors and drawers with new lamination and hardware will be replaced to give your kitchen a new look. Thus you can easily refurnish your kitchen cabinets by following kitchen cabinet ideas provided here above.