Kitchen Cabinets Refacing: How to Do it On Your Own

When making a decision on the best way to remodel your kitchen, it is advisable to have kitchen cabinets refacing as part of the activities to be done. Refacing of kitchen cabinets is a great cost cutting alternative that has been embraced by many homeowners that want an upgrade. The process of refacing kitchen cabinets is quite simple as it involves the removal of old doors as well as drawer fronts, and then covering the cabinet boxes with veneers. As soon as the cabinet boxes have been covered well, new drawer fronts and doors are installed to match the boxes.

about kitchen cabinets refacing

There are a number of benefits attached to kitchen cabinets refacing which make them a popular choice for homeowners. Some of these advantages are well known while others have been recently discovered because of the increase in the activity as part of remodeling the kitchen. Cabinet companies such as cabinets direct offer various types of kitchen cabinets that can be easily refaced as a DIY project. However, it is advisable to have a professional do the refacing work in the kitchen as they are skilled in doing the work in a satisfactory manner and within a short time.

Tips on kitchen cabinets refacing

Although working with a professional to reface cabinets in the kitchen is advisable, you can still achieve similar results by doing the work on your own. However, to achieve success there are some guidelines to diy refacing kitchen cabinets that you need to consider and they are:

  • First, it is important to research on various kitchen cabinets refacing ideas to select the most suitable one for your kitchen. It is better to pick ideas that are easier to work on without professional help so that the results will be satisfactory. Furthermore, the idea that is selected should also enhance the appearance of the kitchen when the refacing has been completed.

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  • Purchase the needed tools and refacing materials in advance so that there will be no need to visit a supply store in the middle of the work. The materials that are needed can be found on a number of handyman websites or written publications that outline exactly what should be bought and the amount needed. Also, make sure that you know how to use the tools properly so that the final result is reasonable.


  • Ensure that the kitchen cabinets have a solid structure that can withstand the refacing work that will be done on them. You can do this by checking various parts of the cabinet box after emptying it so that you do not spend time refacing a cabinet that should have been replaced. After making sure, the cabinet is sturdy; you can prepare the various surfaces of the kitchen cabinet for refacing.


about refacing kitchen cabinets

  • For best results, it is important to do the refacing work in a steady manner to ensure that all the steps to be followed are done thoroughly. It is important to avoid rushing through the various processes as the final result will not be very attractive and you will have wasted your time as well. Make sure all the refacing materials are used appropriately as well for the benefit of the refaced kitchen cabinets.

  • Lastly, kitchen cabinets refacing should be done in a safe environment with all the protective measures taken. It is advisable to wear gloves and keep the working area as clean as possible to avoid hazardous situations.

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All in all, the decision to reface cabinets in your kitchen requires a lot of commitment as it may take a few days to complete. The commitment will go a long way in the final result that will be seen on the cabinet doors as well as drawer fronts.

Remodeling With Refacing Cabinets

Refacing cabinets has become a popular way of changing the appearance of various cabinets in the home without spending a lot of money. The process of refacing involves the replacing of the front part of doors as well drawers to give them a whole new look. Most times, the professional companies that are hired to do the job also veneer the boxes that make up the cabinet area. Cabinets refacing can be done regardless of how old the cabinets have been in existence, with the only exception being that the structure is sturdy and is able to handle the work to be done on them.

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There are a number of companies that offer refacing services even if the fixtures were purchased from cabinets direct. The professionals from these companies are able to do the work within a certain time period depending on the kitchen size and the number of cabinets in the room. They use tailor made tools for these cabinets and use their skills to do the veneering which requires some experience for the results to be satisfactory. However, homeowners with similar skills can do the refacing as a DIY project as a way of saving money that they would have used to hire a professional.

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Top reasons to go for a refacing cabinet

The number of people that are refacing cabinets instead of replacing them has grown over time with many people finding it a much cheaper option. Also, cabinet refacing in either the kitchen as well as bathroom has a number of benefits attached to it, which include:

  • Offers a new look

Cabinet refacing is an ideal alternative in cases where cabinets are still strong but appear worn out, as the results are similar to those seen when a replacement is done. There are a variety of options to choose from to get your desired look when refacing kitchen cabinets as changes can be done only to the exterior without having to remove their doors. This kind of refacing only sees the use of a new veneer and knobs in the kitchen cabinets.

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  • Variety of finishing options

There are a number of veneering options that are available in the market and can be used for both bathroom as well as kitchen cabinets. These veneers are available in different types and colors which give the homeowner an opportunity to choose the one that fits their home décor and personal style. When an appropriate finishing is selected it changes the look of the refacing cabinets significantly and for the better.

  • Time saving

Most times, refacing bathroom cabinets can be done within a short time because the process is not complicated. The professional companies that offer these services understand the need to do a good job within a limited period to allow homeowners the opportunity to use the cabinets again. The refacing process lasts at least two days or less depending on the speed of the company and the bathroom size as well.

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  • Eco friendly

Cabinet replacement can at times lead to unnecessary wastage especially if they are still in good working condition. Also, majority of cabinets contain formaldehyde which is hazardous when placed in landfills and so the practice should be avoided at all costs. However, with refacing the parts that are removed from the cabinet are recycled to avoid polluting the environment and the earth at large.

Reface and upgrade

All in all, refacing cabinets are an option that many homeowners should consider as a way of saving money while upgrading the look of rooms that have cabinets. Most times, they maintain their new look for a long time which makes them a good option for those that are remodeling on a budget.

How to Select Cheap Bathroom Vanities

Finding cheap bathroom vanities is an activity that many homeowners decorating on a budget participate in on a regular basis. These vanities which have a way of upgrading the look of the bathroom have become a necessary feature in many homes. Most bathroom vanities are sold in diverse sizes regardless of designs so that they can fit in various bathrooms. However, the larger the bathroom the higher the price, which can sometimes be more than the money set aside for its purchase. Fortunately, there are stores that sell cheap small bathroom vanities that make it possible for those with smaller homes to have the fixture as part of their home.

about cheap bathroom vanities

When shopping for cheap bathroom vanities, it is common to find different designs as well as styles being sold at various prices. These styles are able to fit the personal style of most home owners whether they prefer the traditional or modern bathroom vanities. Even though current styles may be a bit more expensive, there are some stores that sell cheap modern bathroom vanities, thus giving a homeowner the opportunity to have their dream bathroom but at an affordable cost. However, it is important to buy the vanities being sold at a discount at reputable stores to ensure that they are good quality.

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Tips on selecting cheap bathroom vanities

Some of the well known cabinet companies such as cabinets direct sometimes sell bathroom vanities at an affordable price for the benefit of their customers. However, it is still important to have some guidelines to help select the best cheap bathroom vanities and sinks available and they include:

  • Right size

Buying a bathroom vanity in the right size when compared to the room in which it is to be placed is very vital. It is therefore important to measure the bathroom area and select one that will fit perfectly and assist in various functions in the room. When the vanity is too small, it does not make the impact it should in the room, while a much larger one will make the bathroom look squeezed.

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  • Consider the style

Although there are a number of styles available for those looking for bathroom vanities in many stores, it is important to consider the overall style of the home. It is important that the vanity complement the style of the home because it gives the bathroom a look that is visually appealing. Therefore, if the style of the home is modern, stick to a modern vanity and the same goes for antique styles. However, mixture of the two can be used if the same style is evident in the décor of the home.

  • Durable material

Since bathroom vanities are not changed on a regular basis, it is important that the material used in their construction be durable. Even though the bathroom vanity is being bought at a cheaper price it should be of high quality and not a counterfeit. It is important to learn how to identify a fake vanity and a real one regardless of the cost attached to it so that it can last for a long time.

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  • Low maintenance

Bathroom vanities are used on a daily basis and therefore need to be cleaned regularly as well. It is for this reason that it is important to select one that is made from good material that does not need much effort in cleaning.

In conclusion

Generally, cheap bathroom vanities are not hard to find but the challenge would be finding the most suitable ones. These vanities go a long way in saving money and are worth investing in as part of your home fixtures.