Discount Kitchen Cabinets to Improve Your Kitchen’s Look

Discount kitchen cabinets are coordinated directly with the cabinet companies. The containers in your kitchen are an essential part of the cabinets. The service providers are able to place orders anywhere across the state and international borders. Big orders of bulk container requirements are also well catered to by the companies.

Finding out cheap kitchen cabinets can be a bit of a task. Experts believe that cheaper cabinet designs can save up to 50 per cent of the total expenses incurred on the discount unfinished kitchen cabinets. The offerings of the Cabinets Direct are usually of three kinds – stock, semi stock and custom.

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  • Stock cabinets are used for decorative purposes. They are available in the home improvement shops and do not require to be pre ordered. The heights of the cabinets are such that they can be well fitted on the upper walls.

  • Semi stock cabinets provide a designer kitchen base that can be ordered from beforehand. The cabinets cover a wide range of sizes and the height can be adjusted as per one’s needs.

  • Custom cabinets cover a completely unique range of coloured finishes. The solid wood construction is often decorated with glass and is a very affordable cabinet option.

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Discount Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The most common choices for discount kitchen cabinets are as follows:

  • Deluxe Walnut Kitchen Cabinets: Constructed chiefly out of wood and comes along with a particle board. The panel is fitted with doors and front drawers. Both the surfaces of the plywood box are provided with unmatched finishing. The ball bearing is made out of stainless steel and the under mount extension slides fully inwards. The adjustable hinges make the assembling easier.

  • Carmel Finish Cabinets: Has a plywood box like appearance and is resistant to external scratches. Unlike the Walnut ones, these discount kitchen cabinets do not have any particle board. The panel frames are imparted with the perfect melamine finish. The full extension drawers possess side mount slides. Assembling is made easy by the application of wood glue and screwdrivers.

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  • Maple Cherry Kitchen Cabinets: The structure of this kind of cabinet is pretty similar to the Carmel Finish Cabinets. The only exception being the maple frames with cherry stains all over it that provides the surface with a rich glaze. The drawer fronts and the overlay doors are raised on top of a veneer panel. The under mount slides have the option of being upgraded to a self-closing mechanism.

  • White MDF Cabinets: These are discount white kitchen cabinets that are generally frameless and are raised over a square cathedral panel. The particle board shelf has melamine finish on both the sides and comes along with an adjustable slide.

  • PVC Kitchen Cabinets: The PVC plastic drawer fronts and doors are raised on top of a cathedral platform. The white colour of the cabinet accounts for the semi-gloss appearance. The epoxy mount side has extended slides. This particular kind of arrangement is much cheaper in relation to the other similar cabinet designs.

beadboard discount white kitchen cabinets

  • Standard Melamine Cabinets: It enhances the overall appeal of the kitchen and is generally coloured white with a tinge of creamy hue to it. Walnut and Black are the other colour combinations that are less frequently used. The outlining features and the designing mechanism are amazingly similar to that of maple wood cabinet arrangements.

  • Standard Maple Shaker: Is composed mainly from wood. The drawer fronts and doors all have a flat panel. The adjustable hinges are concealed within a cup. Both the surfaces of the plywood drawer box are provided with the natural honey maple finish. The dimensions are widely different from that of the other designs.


As you can clearly see, discount cabinets do not have to be substandard or poorly made; because now, there are tons of amazing options on affordable cabinets to suit your needs.